Saturday, February 28, 2009

All about you.

The invariable mark of passion is the continued pursuit after a stumble and a fall. If you read often, you know that I attended an audition today—the gig was in Tokyo, Japan for Disney; the opportunity of a lifetime. I arrived to the audition only to find almost 200 folks with the same goal as I; to land the opportunity of a lifetime. As soon as the audition started, I was in character. After all, there is no time better to be a prince than when charm is of the essence.

Luckily, the first cut was announced. I, number 53, was one of the 30, or so, numbers called. I MADE FIRST CUT! I was so grateful that I actually thanked God right then and there. The second part of the audition took place and I continued to give it my all. There was a guy there, named Prince, ironically, who was clearly my competition. We both had long, flowing blonde hair and were of similar physical appearance. The second cuts were announced and I was not among the chosen. As much fun as it would have been, I’m not upset. I met some really great people and had a lot of fun trying. My spirits were down initially, but they are back up. How can you learn to run faster if you never fall, right?

My initial thought was “how many auditions must I go on and not book before I lose my performer credibility?” I called my dad, knowing that he would boost up my ego and set me back on track. He did so successfully. This life is a tough life to pursue and in the journey towards success, failure is an entity to education. I am grateful to have made it to the audition, not to mention the first cut. No sympathy needed, I’m not upset, at all.

I need an opinion. Lately, my roommate and I have been trying to eat healthy. I am convinced that eating healthy does not have to mean eating bland food. For dinner I prepared the following:

Wheat pasta with fresh grated, melted cheddar cheese. I baked grilled chicken with a few spices added and shredded it up, than I put it in the noodles and cheese. I steamed broccoli and added it as well. I dubbed it ‘NJ’s chicken macaroni and cheese.’ I felt as though it was healthy, but figure I could use a second thought. Let me know what you think!

Tomorrow is callbacks for Bryan’s film, and I’m excited to work with the actors. I am waking up early and heading to the grocery store. We are having our fourth weekly pancake breakfast. Last week, I did it up pretty big—but tomorrow is going to be simple. My empty pocket doesn’t allow me to prepare luxurious breakfast each week. Flapjacks will suffice—especially when I make them!

My days continue to grow emptier. Although I love tending to the household duties (cooking, cleaning, keeping track of things) I need a day job. If any of you have friends or family in LA—let them know a hard worker is in the search. I understand the economical crisis hinders my chances.

The minute I have my own space again, there is one thing I will ABSOLUTELY have; a bookshelf. I think a bookshelf is such an excellent way to portray personality. I will use one shelf for books and the others for other knickknacks. When I picture my own apartment, there is a bookshelf, by a window; with books on one shelf; a vine-like plant on another, and a few knickknacks.

As my third (wow-third already) month as a regular blogger, I’ve come to enjoy this community extremely much. Although we are all cyber friends, I feel that the relationship carries over. In my daily conversations, I find myself telling people about all of you. What I’ve learned from you, what I’ve read, what I think of all of you (good things 100%). I am extending my cyber hand out as a sign of friendship and appreciation. Although our computer screens block us from meeting in person, I hope you know I am here for you. I am here for you to listen if you need a friend, and I assure you privacy is an option. Feel free to e-mail me at anytime if you need an outsider’s perspective.

Goodnight, my friends. Take care and thanks for reading,
Nick James


Pink Loves Paris said...

Hello Nick!

Your positivity inspires me! Never change :)

I can't give you an opinion on healthy food, or any food...horribly such matters, something I intend to change when I'm on my own.

I am completely with you about the friends I have made in cyber world, the relationships do tend to transcend! And all that you said, right back at you :)

And it's always a pleasure reading your posts.

P.S. Would love to see the books you read on a blog bookshelf (lol, you can always have one now for your cyber friends) , look into it :) I just displayed some on my blog.

Natalie said...

I see that as a successful day,love.
Well done!

Happy with the meal too, though I would have used tasty or parmesan cheese. (that is just me).
We have this MEGA bookshelf and it is my fave thing ~ it has kid's books, toys,ornaments,our books, mags, photos. It is chunky old wood and looks like some old thing from a monastery. Gosh, I LOVE it! It is BIG!Whoo Hoo! In my previous life I was a librarian. I just love books, but no time to read with the littlies. :(

I empathise with your loneliness, it must be tricky. In time, you will build a life where you are ~ hang in there.xx

~Sheila~ said...

HI! I came over from Mom Taxi Julie!
I am thoroughly enjoying your blog. I'ver browsed throught and read (and commented on several) blogs since the beginning.
I've got to say that you would be a great role model for all younger adults who need a little help with drive and perseverence.

I look forward to continuing to read your adventures toward stardom and wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

i really believe our experiences(good,bad, or otherwise) are all lessons, and i actually am really learning to LOVE the journey and always take something positive from all of them. Sounds like you are doing the same!!!! Your meal sounds yummy- my kids would love it! It's awesome to hear you have such an incredibly supportive DAD!
I love my books and YES, they are a reflection of who I am and all my loves and interests! What books would you like on YOUR bookshelf??
Soooooo enjoying your blog. Take care and best of luck on todays callback!

Anonymous said...

Awww Nick, I am so sorry you didn't get the second call, but you for sure have a good attitude about it. You have chosen an incredibly difficult industry in which only two types will survive - those who persist and those who get lucky! If this is your dream, NEVER give up! All of your cyber friends are here to support you. favorite subject..FOOD! I LOVE FOOD! For many, many years I have followed a low fat, high fibre diet. I believe that my diet was a huge factor in why I responded so well to my treatment - my body was in excellent condition to fight the cancer. So your meal sounding great! The only change I would have made was to use low fat cheese (you get used to it!). Keep working at it. And..a great recipe book that I love is called "Clean Eating." Check it out at the library for inspiration for your next creation!
Big hugs to you Nick,

The Funny one said...

Right on! Healthy food does not have to be bland at all! That's what spices are for.
Combining meat and cheese together (chicken and cheddar) isn't the best thing to do, but it's okay if you don't have it every day. The more steamed vegetables you have and the more creative salads you can come up with the better.
I don't trust the packaged foods that have labels saying "organic" or "no salt/sugar added" or "vegetarian meat". Just give me fruits and vegetables from the Farmer's Market and I can have a party!

I think I've past my third month of blogging as well. Time sure does fly when you're typing. I also love reading really good blogs, I learn a lot from reading about another person's life and point of view. If you have any questions about healthy food choices, you can ask me.

infinitelymoretosay said...

Great outlook on life, love your positiveness, and apparently you love to cook and I love to read about it (:

Frankie Anon said...

Congrats on getting a call-back. I admire actors so much--you have to put yourself so out there--there's no veiling yourself in a thicket of words, as writers do. I get anxious about my writing -- will anyone read it? Will anyone like it? -- but I can be shyly anonymous. I don't have to stand in front of a judge, a critic, an audience. You seem to have developed just the right kind of attitude...a thick enough skin not to take rejection personally, but optimistic to the core. You'll do great things!

Nick James said...

Pinky- I'm gald these friendships are so absolutely mutual. Thanks for the compliment--I enjoy yours too!

Natalie- Thanks for the advice--next time I'll be sure to take it! Mmm, I'm getting hungry again.

Sheila- I was thinking about the role model position. I think our blogger community would make for a great reality show. Lets pitch the idea!

Miss Goddess- Thank you so much. You are very nice and I enjoy, soooooo much, to read your blog to. Yahha.

Audrey- The point you brought up about food is so valid. When I eat healthy, I get criticized so often for having an "eating disorder." That isn't the case. More comes with eating healthy than losing weight. You build a body that can resist and fight. Thank you!

Funny one- Thank you. I will for sure be posting some some questions including health foods. It is a topic of my interest, definetly. Great post about your improv class by the way!

IMTS- Starbucks, mmm. Thanks for reading.

Frank- Your writing is wonderful. While I respect your anonymity, I don't feel it is neccesarry! Take care!

Thanks all!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Sorry you didn't get picked for the Disney thing! Hopefully something else good will come along!

jb said...

NJ nice meal...This is what you need to add to give it a little more flavour.....always have fresh basil, three colored pepper corns in your pepper mill red, green and black very taste trust me load up your pepper mill NJ......,and parsely you'd be surprised by that. Extra virgin olive oil that's the good fat my friend....rub it on your chicken with the basil and pepper it up and also use a good sea salt and next time maranate it over night.

The next thing you can are other kinds of cheeses like goats cheese or a feta cheese those are the good fat cheese mmmm and very delisoiusssss.

Ok next try some exotic sea salts like pink himalayan salts or french fleur de sel or balck sea salt....since your in LA it;s not hard to find...they're being used by all those chefs out there i'm sure. By the way they're are at least 30 maybe 40 varieties of these salts so go out oneday on the town and do some tasting, you'll surprised at the flavours some sweetsome salty some peppery it's a taste bud party waiting to happen.

Also some mushrooms like portabellos mini or large and shitaky mushrooms, oyster mushrooms these mushrooms exude alot of flavours and are very good for you.

Well those are my tips for you........also listen chin up my man you will get that great gig. Sometimes you need to step away from something and let it take it's own course so that it finds you instead of you finding you get what i'm will happen when you least expect it.

Lots of Love and Luck to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick. I'm kind of in a writing funk lately so I don't have a lot to say but I did want to comment that I love the new look of your blog.

honkeie2 said...

I am new here and just wanted to give you kudos for trying what i would never lol. We all want to be actors and famous but not me haha. But I still want my 15 minutes damn it!

Antonio MiniƱo said...

I sometimes work as a casting director out here in NYC Nick, and have a lot of friends that work as casting directors.

My advice comes with an example. In 2006 this girl auditioned for a play I was producing, she blew her audition out of the park! she rocked it...but she wasn't exactly what we were looking for, that day.

A couple of months later a director friends asks me if I had some good actors on my roaster...I remembered this girl and her amazing audition. They loved her! but she wasn't exactly what they were looking for... In 2008 she walks into my audition room again, I thought she was brilliant...the director didn't think...she was what they were looking for...

To cut the story short, she is now the lead in my theatre companies upcoming production. She is exactly what the director is looking for in that part.

I'm not saying its going to take three years. I'm saying that sometimes its just because they had something else in mind. Not because of your talent or commitment to a role.

If you ever go bi-coastal let me know!



Anonymous said...

Ha! Never worry about these things Nick--you will succeed when the right people become aware of your talent. If everyman could see a the value of a rose, they would be extinct! Continue moving, and never give up. If there is anyway I can assist you, please let me know. Cheers!

Pavitra said...

I am go glad I read your blog. You have no idea how much my spirits are lifted when I read our blog.
I have a lot of things going on that my spirits need lifting (most of the time).