Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The award goes to.

The Passionate Book Worm, a great friend and a wise writer, awarded me some very 'prestigious' awards. I suggest you visit her blog to gain some great insight. I was lucky and proud to accept the following awards:

Proper etiquette suggest that I award my favorite bloggers as well. I award the same 3 awards to the following bloggers:

- Firing up the Canon
- Queenet
- M.IV
- Living Happily and Healthfully
- Practically Nonsense
- Musings From The Deep **My computer is being goofy, I will add links ASAP!
- Finding My Wings In Life
- End Part 1 of life...New Beginnings
- Decided Artist
- An Explorers View of Life

Congratulations to the new award winners. For those of you who do not know, I was taught, that the winners of awards are to award these awards to 10 of their favorite blogs. Also, show off your hard work by adding these awards to your blog. Simply save the award to your computer, add the photo gadget to your blog (for each award) and post the award. I am honored to have been recognized and proud to pass along the award.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Thank you very much Nick. I am honored.

Natalie said...

Well! Thank you! Mr Nick. How fun.xx

Queen Mama Mia said...

How sweet Nickie. Thank you so much, however, I'm still learning this blogging stuff and I'll try to forward the pictures/awards to Onward Bound and Firing up the Cannon! The fact that I'm technically challenged has nothing to do with it! ha ha

jb said...

Nick James, thank-you for the kind words and I'm happy you enjoyed my blog, it's always, so nice to hear. Now, I will take some time, to go read your posts. I did my own version of honesty scarps, it was my best post, well.... to me it was. Again... thanks for dropping by.


Anonymous said...

thanks for that sweet comment. I woke up this morning feeling a little blah and un-inspired. I then logged on to my blog, and there was your comment waiting to greet me. It really did make my morning.

I have been reading over some your posts, while eating breakfast, and I must say wow! You are an amazing and truly gifted writer. You are def. going on my blog reader list.

Thanks so much again!!!

Antonio MiniƱo said...

Seriously nick! you are too much. I haven't blogged in like a month, undeserving...but will accept!


Nick James said...

I know, but you were on of the first blogs I started reading regularly, and still do. Accept it deservingly.