Sunday, February 20, 2011

The dance of Mr. Plant and Mrs. Moon.

Mr. Plant, I asked, "Do you get cold when the sun goes down and the warm goes away?" Mr. Plant stood there as he usually does and he wiggled his roots and spread his leaves and I know that he was saying "The sun doesn't always shine my friend, but I hold on to the better times when it was here and I use its warmth, even when its not right around me." I get it I thought. I followed up and said Mr. Plant "when you are feeling sad, how do you become happy again?" Mr. Plant stood taller for the moment before he leaned over and brushed a flower near by. Mr. Plant was telling me there is beauty sewn into this entire world, and when it may not be in one direction, change your perspective and you will find it somewhere new. Mr. Plant smiled in his own way and as he did, the wind blew a pile of dead leaves by. I asked "Does it make you sad to see leaves of the past blow by knowing you may not see them again, Mr. Plant?" Mr. Plant shook his own leaves and drew my attention to a little bud. He was telling me that life is full of wonderful moments and fellows, and when I enjoy them, I do so knowing that they will be gone someday. They are the current that becomes the past. Mr. Plant smiled bigger before his next words. "Without the current becoming the past, I would never know all that my branches can hold and I wouldn't realize the possibilities of my future. Cherish every leaf and friend while they are around and never forgot how happy they made you, but when they fall, don't be too fearful to welcome the new."

Mr. Plant looked the other way while the wind continued to blow. Right past his wisdom filled stance, in his happy little pot, I saw Mrs. Moon. She brought life to the night sky, and while the The Man on the Moon danced to the sound of the evening I heard a song she was singing "Even when the sky is night, the stars shine bright. To find their light, you must look upright." The wind grabbed onto Mr. Plant and the two joined the Man on the Moon and danced under the starlit sky. I watched, happily and I knew a lot more than I did before. Life would bring to me many new moments and people, and I should not think about what each person can bring for me, just that I shared a wonderful moment with them, as best as can be.