Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time. Of. My. Life.

I will begin this by saying that I am not depressed, or derailed at all. This is merely me offering advice based on a situation I’ve experienced.

When it comes to the mushy gushy stuff, love, I sit on an awful part of the fence. I am either completely apathetic towards any romantic opportunities that I am faced with, or I am head over heels involved. When I am standing, I stand strong; when I fall, I fall deep. I have the ability to stand like a wall of cement, and I rarely let anyone get close enough to even begin climbing. However, when I allow someone to get close enough, I usually let them break the wall down. At this point, if you are one of these people, you have made me to believe that you are working hard to break down this wall, ultimately making me think you have a similar interest in me. When the said situation happens and you all of a sudden choose to ignore me, I get upset. I don’t’ get upset because you aren’t able to feel for me, but I get upset that you chose to be phony. If you are grown up enough to create adult feelings, please be mature enough to communicate a change of heart. If you are after sex only, please look elsewhere. I am not typical, meaning I don’t need to have a physical relationship. If I choose to have one, the first physical sign is my heart pounding through my chest. If you don’t get that far, you aren’t getting anywhere.

Like I said, I am not depressed or upset about this—I don’t rely on love, so if it goes wrong I can care less. All I am saying is that you should make sure you know what you are doing. As you hit ages closer to adulthood, folks have REAL emotion. They fall deeper, things mean more, and the recovery period takes a little longer.

My life has gone from 0 to 60 to 100. I can’t seem to stop being busy. It is a good thing. As my two jobs keep paying the bills, I am managing my pursuit wonderfully. Opportunities keep coming my way, and they are teaching me so much. I’ve never believed so much in myself and my dream. On top of that, I am managing a pretty nice social life. I don’t a million friends, but I have one in a million sort of friends. I have a support group that is everything to me. I am proud to be building a life that can mean so much.

This past weekend I traveled to Indio, California to attend a weekend long country music festival. TIME. OF. MY. LIFE. With Ian and Cousin Joey as my companions, I couldn’t help but enjoy every moment of the trip. We shared laughs, memories and fantastic music. I was lucky enough to see the following concerts: Little Big Town, Darius Rucker, Kid Rock, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Pure Prairie League, Pocco, Reba Macintyre, Miranda Lampert and many others. I built a memory this weekend that I will NEVER forget.

I am excited about flying home next month. My mom was able to score an affordable flight, so she invited me for a visit home. This is an important time of year, because at the end of May my entire family goes on a HUGE camping trip together. This is exactly what I need to refuel my happiness out in LA.

I wish you all the happiness and perfections that come with life. Let me know how you all are!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Romeo Testa

Every so often we are lucky enough to come across an individual who surpasses any level of mediocrity. This person has some talent, some aura that instantly graces a level of magnetism and grace, and therefore leaves a lasting impression. When I come across such a special person, I cannot help but take a moment and share their gift with others.

Like the angels know, music is a gift that unites, soothes, and changes the world indefinitely. In my new adventure, I’ve come across a young, creative and rare musical talent. Romeo Testa is a young performer who is only at the beginning of his long path, but has already traveled so far. Immediately upon listening to his gift, his music, my soul knew that he is going to reach incredible highs.

Not only am I honored to be a fan of his music, I am blessed to know him personally. With a great head on his shoulder, Romeo has mastered many instruments including the viola and the bass guitar. His rock edge, mixed with his soulfulness creates a sound that supersedes any level of average. As a teenager, Romeo has experienced life beyond most his age. His experiences give his music a quality of truth, which I feel is an entity to art.

As big things are approaching Romeo’s life, I ask you, my readers, to help him out. All you have to do is check out his Myspace, give his songs a listen, and hold on for what is going to be an exciting ride. Click on the link below to find his site!

Romeo Testa

Let him and I know what you think!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oh how I've lived.

"It's not hard to die, when you know you have lived; and oh, how I've lived."
-Desperate Housewives

Oh how I've lived.

I am proud to say that when my time on earth comes to an end, I'll experience my departure with that profound statement in mind. I am proud as to how I've lived my life thus far; I'm proud of the big life I am living now; I am proud of the future life I know I will persevere and life; I am proud, so proud, that I lived. I am happy that I am not content with monotony and an average life. In my leap, I've accomplished things that most folks will never be able to do. I am seeing things that take my breath away and meeting people that blow me away. Each day continues to excite me, for I am grateful for the complexity and simplicity of my new life.

60 years from now, I am happy that I'll have a "way back when" story to share with my grandchildren.

Are we all doing things we are proud of? We have a short time to live, so lets all make the most of it.

The other evening I went to the Britney Spears concert. I know what you are thinking, but you are so wrong. Regardless of her personal struggles, that girl can put on a show. The essence of a circus set the stage for the entire night. With wild circus stunts, 'trippy' music and the overall ambiance, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with the entertainment value of the entire night. As a dancer, I also appreciated the intense choreography and set. All eyes on the ringleader, as she commanded 20,000 screaming fans attention. I am happy for Britney Spears; although her life went off trail, she is back, and stronger than ever.

I have a bad cough. Allergies are awful. The majority of us, while enjoying the beautiful sights of spring, have to choke on our own breath, just because we are allergic to so many different things. If any of my awesome readers have any advice as to how to reduce allergies, please share!

The weather was 90 degrees today in SoCal, how was the weather in your hometown? That picture can tell you exactly where I spent my day!

After hours of reading around the pool, I decided to tie up the Puma's and hit the road! By road, of course, I mean the sidewalk. I ran a nice two miles under the blaring sun, and I feel great! After that, my good friend Cousin Joey and I went out to dinner. We shot the breeze, ate some Italian food and I'm feeling great. This turned out to be one heck of a weekend. I'm tying it all together by watching my shows. Any opinions on 'Desperate Houseweives' or 'Brothers & Sister?

Take care buddies!

Nick James

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dream Board.

I am going to make a dream board. It will be an impromptu art project that helps me organize and visualize my goals. It will be casual, simple and personal. As a new goal comes to mind, I will jot it down on my dream board, and as I accomplish my endeavors I will scratch them off. I think we should all have our own form of a dream board. To see our goals is to ignite the passion that promotes inspiration.
Each of us have a motion we move in. This motion is both provided and created. Our spirit moves in a certain way, however, with the right intent and will power, we can altar these paths to lead to where we want. My movement is forward. Regardless of where I've been, I move forward.

Good things are coming. good. things. are. coming. I know it. I am so excited for each day, as I know my day is coming. Whether it is tomorrow, or three years from now, I know I will find my height and I will fly. Our existence on this earth is unexplainable. My existence, from my opinion, is to fly. I was born with a dream, one that takes a prolific stance in my life. I may fall, but bet your bottom dollar that I will rise higher each time.

Today I went back to the gym and ran 2 miles. It was a slow start, but a good one considering my vacation. I want to get back into my gym routine, as well as continuing to eat healthy.

In my last post, I talked about my karaoke debut in Arizona, so I thought I'd share a picture!

I've noticed a lag in my readers interest, so I am asking for YOUR honest opinion. What can I do to make Onward Bound a place you want to visit? I am open to any suggestions and will take all criticism with an open mind (I do that for a living)! Either leave your suggestions in a comment, or e-mail me. NickJames18@aol.com

To the future,

Nick James

Monday, April 13, 2009

Like crystals.

The stars stood out like crystals as I drove home from Arizona. My trip was like
some sort of out of body experience. I couldn't help but feel accomplished as I
first gave myself credit for my endeavors.
For so long I walked around with the idea that I owe everyone something. Upon
meeting the folks who push and believe in me, I began believing in myself, not
so much as a recipient of multiple favors, but as an entity that deserves to be
I plan to not cross the lines of being conceited, but with a new respect for
myself, I will stand taller and demand more respect.
My Easter holiday in Arizona was incredible. Ian and I made the six hour drive
an adventure, and that momentum proceeded through the entire weekend. We arrived
on Thursday night and the celebration began immediately. Friday morning Ian and
I slept in, only to wake up to an entire day of celebration. Aunt Karen and I
played catch up like Lebron James plays basketball. As our group at the mexican
joint grew to more loved ones, I couldn't help but smile and feel that I was
dealt a pretty decent hand in life. Friday night, Ian and I headed to a friends
house for a little reunion. Three words: Rock and Roll. I got to hang with a
pretty rad (thanks for the word Ian) crowd. Saturday we slept in again (we are
LA boys--we don't get to sleep much). We woke up and headed to lunch with a
friend of mine that I met at the American Idol auditions, almost a year ago. It
is cool to me that we kept in touch. After lunch, we headed to Scottsdale to
gawk at the pretentious town. I am happy, because I bought a new pair of
expensive jeans that were marked down to $20.00! That night we kept the momentum
going at a karaoke bar. Ian and I stole the show, naturally. I event got the
entire bar to hold their lighters in the air as I sung my guts out. Easter was a
great day. Two little ones came over and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, compliments
of the Morton's and I. Watching them hunt for eggs reminded me so much of me,
circa the 90's, when my family hid eggs for me. Aunt Karen cooked an incredible
7 course dinner, while Uncle Doug gave Ian and I the tour de vino. After
sampling some delicious wine we ate, a lot. Being surrounded by family was so
refreshing after over three months in Los Angeles. Although leaving was
difficult, I am geared up to continue my pursuit.

Folks, I hope you all had a
great day- if you celebrate, Happy Easter.

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

So high and so low.

At a time when I feel so high and so low, I cannot help but feel that great things are to come. I am blessed, without a doubt. I've gotten to see things that folks like me may never get to enjoy. I've met people that I am grateful to have met. I have lived in a way that makes me feel as though I am erupting and containing all at once. I am blown up with new experience, yet I stay composed with my newly learned tactics. Being twenty, or any age really is exciting. I am at a point where my dreams are meeting reality; I am honored to introduce my dreams to reality, only to learn that they already know each other.

With my mutual buddies, I am running full forced towards a destiny that I cannot wait to fulfill.

Anyone watch American Idol? Each week I am tossed between opinions, as I feel the contestants aren’t consistently choosing the proper songs. Alison has been the top runner for me all along. At her age, she performs with such an edgy, yet graceful demeanor that I cannot help but feel torn apart and put together as she belts her songs. I find her extremely impressive and cannot wait to see what her future holds.

Today I went into work for a little bit of follow up work. After a short day at the restaurant, headed home and ran some errands. I returned home and spent my free time working on my music. Recently I decided to pursue music more avidly; therefore, I am in the hunt for a vocal coach. Singing is my paradise. With every lyric, melody and song, I am taken to a place where nothing goes wrong.

Along with a vocal coach, I am in the process of finding a car. I have narrowed it down to two different cars, so soon enough I will plant my roots more deeply in California. I look at a car as a symbol of stability and longevity in this chapter of my life. Stability is a peaceful feeling that I long to feel.

Tomorrow is an exciting day for me. I am having my second meeting with LA’s Radio Disney station—not absolutely positive what it is for, but I will find out. After that, my long awaited trip to Arizona begins. My roommate, Ian, who is joining me on the trip, and I went to Trader Joe’s and loaded up on some fun road trip snacks. Locked and loaded, we are excited for a weekend away.

Happy travels to any readers who will be heading out for the holiday. Happy days to each and everyone of you, everyday, all of the time.

Nick James

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Plants grow and die, wind blows and flies.

This world keeps spinning faster each day. Young ones want to be older, old people want to feel younger. Plants grow and die, the wind blows and flies. We can’t stop it. The older I get, the more content I am with my age. I am still 20 years young and 20 years old. I have experience to base a life off of, but I have many years to correct any mistakes.

Obviously I have been gone for quite some time. I actually regret letting myself go this long without writing. After the end of this story you will understand why I feel that I may make a life out of writing.

Where I've been.

I will tell you where I have been for the past little while. I have been out living my dream, partially. The lesson I learned is that you can have something you want very quickly, but just as quickly it can be taken away. The last time I posted I told you all how I was going to get my headshots. I went and had a great time. My photographer, who I will call Nato, really saw potential in me. He introduced me to his wife, who I will call Nah, and she saw the same spark. They both talked to about their lives in the entertainment business. Nato was a model in his days; he traveled the world and experienced great things. Now he is an actor. Nah in her younger years, too, was a model; however, she chose to go the path of being an agent. Through the years Nato and Nah built a list of very impressive contacts and they wanted me to do the same.

Immediately, strings were pulled that put me on ladder level 5 in the pursuit category. I was to meet a man named Tony Duran (www.tonyduranphotography.net). Tony, I learned, is a very successful photographer. He has shot every celebrity and many, many magazine covers. Tony saw a picture of me and decided that he would shoot me. The day of the shoot, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. All I knew is that my head was flying faster than the butterflies in my stomach. Nah, who has taken on the role of my manager, drove me up to the Hollywood Hills where Tony lives. I arrived at his beautiful home and met his entire crew. Immediately Tony sat me down in his kitchen and starts snipping away at my hair. I didn’t know what to expect, but low and behold I had an edgy haircut and I love it. Tony let me know that his stylist friend was on board helping me and there was a huge wardrobe for me to choose from. I let the stylist do all of the work and I had 6 looks that I completely loved. At this time Tony was ready to start the photo shoot, which was the most educational experience ever. Although I may never have a chance to enjoy Tony’s company again—I respect him more than I think he would even care to know and I think he is a great person. At his level, his willingness to shoot me, a nobody, was extremely respectable and appreciated. By the end of the day I felt as though I had my own fairytale story. Here is a before and after that will properly show you what being in LA does for you.



With a shoot by Tony Duran I was encouraged to reach for the very top and to my surprise; many big name agencies opened their doors to me. I met with all of them with nerves in my stomach tighter than ever before. The end result was that the agencies were not confident in taking me on. Although it was a letdown, I feel as though I got a big taste at my dreams, and that I accomplished huge things in my short time. I am currently, still a signed actor with Beacon Talent. Reality is setting back in that I have a ton of work ahead of me, but surely enough; I am starting to feel rejuvenated and ready to keep trying.

Where I am now.

With this set back, I’ve decided that it is time to get back into school. Now that I am working fulltime between my two jobs, I am realizing how far I could go with a degree. While in Ohio, I completed two years of a broadcast/journalism degree. I’ve decided that I am a writer and there is exciting things that come with that. I’ve been talking about writing a book. I have the writing talent and now I have the experience. I have so many ideas for the message my book will portray and I am very excited to see what happens with everything. Whether it is in California or Ohio- I am so excited to start school again with my new life.

California continues to become more beautiful each and every day. As I am actually building a life here I love my new friends, my new endeavors and all of my new responsibilities. I am learning a lot about life and, more importantly, learning how to apply the knowledge to life. I am learning how happiness is the truest treasure and that family is the greatest cornerstone. I stand a little bit taller, I work a little bit harder and I believe in so much more.

I continue to write music as though I was a player piano out of control. I am staying physically active. I am laughing daily. I am happy. I am embracing my youth as it slowly transitions into adulthood. I am proud to live a life with meaning and self-made happiness.

Welcome back, Nick James is here to stay.