Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a big, small world.

It's a big, small world. Being back home with new perspective has granted me the opportunity to put things together; sort of figure out all the links in my life's chain reactions.

I find that most of the time, my pride causes me to stray from a path of logical reasoning and leaves me with many unfinished situations. While I enjoy living in bliss, these holes inevitably grow and demand to be dealt with.

Being home and interacting with old, familiar faces has allowed me to view myself in a different position. I am now starting to enjoy putting things together and learning how people and events effect my life specifically.

What I've come to know is that I am on a path that few of my friends are on. I am moving forward with a tank full of passion and excitement, while many of my friends are trudging along on fumes of the past.

I am learning, more than ever, what kind of personalities spark my interest and force me to want more. I've learned that someone who can have a good time is the most attractive. I enjoy a person who can set their own world aside and make the most of everything. Learning what sort of people intrigue you is a huge step in learning the qualities you enjoy in yourself.

It's a big, small world and you never know what chain reactions you are causing. My advice: Be aware.

This Memorial Day weekend, I went on a camping trip with many of my family members, and friends. Riding my ATV through the open fields and rough terrain was so refreshing. It reminded me that regardless the slopes and turns, life has a beautiful destination to be reached.

I created many memories and laughs with the people I love the most. I am a lucky individual and I'm proud to say I recognize it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Truly blessed.

I've always held the opinion that experience is the foundation and supporting beam of a fulfilled life. While the insight and scenery may differ, the enlightenment and experiences inevitably conquer life's valleys.
At age 20, I am entirely blessed and grateful for the journey's I've experienced and the ground I've covered.
At age 20 I may not have a plethora of material items to display how lucky I am, but the truth is I've experienced many unique blessings.
As I sit in the Los Angeles airport, preparing for my first visit home, all of the miles I've covered and the memories I've made are coming to mind.
I've experienced the intensity of New York City, I've relaxed on many east coast beaches, I've traveled, horseback, through a Georgia field , I've taken an ATV ride through numerous landscapes, I've wake boarded a great lake, I've swam in the atlantic ocean, I've lived in northern and southern California, I've peered down the Grand Canyon, I've held the ground of a petrified forest, I've hugged a redwood tree, I've hiked a beach to catch starfish, I've cliff dived off of a California dam, I've sang at a Tennessee historic plantation, I've parasailed over the ocean, I've watched the sun set on emerald bay, I've driven the Golden Gate Bridge, I've sailed to alcatraz island, I've biked many scenic miles and I've done so much more. I am truly and entirely blessed for the opportunities I've been offered. The miraculous part is, not only the above mentioned endeavors, but all that has happened in between. They say all of life is a stage, and we the players. My life, thus far, has been a dramatic comedy, with an inspirational twist. The set is beautiful and the scene changes, remarkable. Each monologue has been captivating and the supporting characters magnificent. Whenever the day comes for my curtain to close, I will stand proud as the applause I receive will represent the numerous positive experiences I've had. I wish you all the power to understand that, not only are you the actor in your play, but that you are also the play write.
End scene.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fly by.

I was talking to my sister (Jamie) today about blogging, and I told her how I felt that I lost personal connection with my recent posts. I can't really figure it out, but I will work on getting back in touch. I honestly feel that it has a lot to do with my schedule; it is extremely packed. Perhaps it could be that I am feeling more stressed and my brain is filled with too much logic, thus causing my imagination to be blocked.

I feel that I am stressed, because I am running a race against time. I have a deadline coming up that can really change my experience in LA. I will continue to run with all I've got, but sometimes the finish line holds an unexpected future on the other side. I wish you all the best when running your own race.

Today I went for an intense hike with friends in Hollywood. I feel so refreshed (and soar). Not only did I get an incredible workout, I got to see a view of Los Angeles like none other! I am going to make an honest effort to continue enjoying the outdoors. Excercise doesn't neccesarily have to come from a gym, and hiking is just one example of an alternative work out!

I watched American Idol, and unfortunetly I am not a huge fan of any of the contestants. Danny has no star quality, Kris has a dull personality, and Adam screams, and I mean SCREAMS, way too much. I'm not suggesting that I am a more talented singer, but there is no appeal left in this season. I will continue watching, because I cannot break the tradition. Any thoughts?

The rest of this week will fly by.

AM: Work
PM: Work party
Thursday: Trevor comes to town
Friday: Day off hanging with Trevor and Ian
Saturday: Packing all day and hanging with Trevor
Sunday: Off to Cleveland for a quick visit!

During my trip, along with relaxation, I hope to find inspiration, motivation to write better music and to continue trucking along my journey!

Note to self:
AEROSMITH COMES TO ROCK IN LA!! (For those who don't know, Steven Tyler is my idol!)

Who you are.

At work last night, a man came up to me and asked me a basic question. During this transaction of words, he pointed out the fact that he can tell I'm a performer. I took this as a compliment and smiled in reply. He looked at me and said:

"Don't ever lose sight of who you are, and don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible."

My initial thoughts where "wow this guy must have jumped right out of my blog!" My second thoughts hit me like a brick of cement. He is so correct, and in more ways than one. As a performer I have to stand my ground and keep myself as a person; in life I must do the same. I take this man's advice and I share it with all of you.

We've got one thing when we are born; ourselves. We have a blank canvas that we will paint experiences on each and every day. Although the future is untold, the picture we paint will represent the culture of our life. This picture will represent all we believe in, all we want to believe in and our aim in life.

In life, we will encounter other artists who believe that they should paint us a picture, as well. These artists represent outside forces and experiences. Enjoy time off the recommended path, but never let these artist paint over your picture. At the beginning of time (your time) until your final hour, the one thing folks will remember about you is yourself, your character. Stand strong and don't let anyone manipulate the person you can be. The truth is, you are a great person, regardless of what others may think! I wish you all the strength in finding yourself!

Ps. Good news coming your way!

Nick James

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Demons: They haunt us from the time we are little and continue lurking through our entire lives. They are the monsters in the closet, the boogie man under the bed; the images in our minds composed of all the stories we hear from those around us. Demons are the monsters that are created out of pure insecurity and cliché. From a young age we are led to believe that parts of life are meant to scare us. These fears cause us to lose sleep, to question every move we make, and they slow us down from prevailing through challenges. When we are younger, we eventually grow out of our silly fears, because we realize that there aren’t really monsters in the closet and so forth. At this time we are in our young adult to adult years; these are the years when we are faced with the opportunities in life that will ultimately turn our caterpillars into butterflies.

My life changed when I stopped dancing with my demons and started challenging my ghosts. I faced my fears and my life started turning into what I hoped for. I, from the bottom of my heart, hope you all find the courage to face your fears. Do something daring, leap from the cliff that separates you from your destiny, and most imporantly, scare yourself everyday.

"The only thing to fear is fear its self."