Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who you are.

At work last night, a man came up to me and asked me a basic question. During this transaction of words, he pointed out the fact that he can tell I'm a performer. I took this as a compliment and smiled in reply. He looked at me and said:

"Don't ever lose sight of who you are, and don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are impossible."

My initial thoughts where "wow this guy must have jumped right out of my blog!" My second thoughts hit me like a brick of cement. He is so correct, and in more ways than one. As a performer I have to stand my ground and keep myself as a person; in life I must do the same. I take this man's advice and I share it with all of you.

We've got one thing when we are born; ourselves. We have a blank canvas that we will paint experiences on each and every day. Although the future is untold, the picture we paint will represent the culture of our life. This picture will represent all we believe in, all we want to believe in and our aim in life.

In life, we will encounter other artists who believe that they should paint us a picture, as well. These artists represent outside forces and experiences. Enjoy time off the recommended path, but never let these artist paint over your picture. At the beginning of time (your time) until your final hour, the one thing folks will remember about you is yourself, your character. Stand strong and don't let anyone manipulate the person you can be. The truth is, you are a great person, regardless of what others may think! I wish you all the strength in finding yourself!

Ps. Good news coming your way!

Nick James


Terri T said...

nice to speak and hear such encouragement. thanks.

The Funny one said...

Awesome advice Nick!

Darin said...

Good experience! This will inspires me to start this day with new thoughts!

Natalie said...

Thanks Nick, I needed to hear that.xx