Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fly by.

I was talking to my sister (Jamie) today about blogging, and I told her how I felt that I lost personal connection with my recent posts. I can't really figure it out, but I will work on getting back in touch. I honestly feel that it has a lot to do with my schedule; it is extremely packed. Perhaps it could be that I am feeling more stressed and my brain is filled with too much logic, thus causing my imagination to be blocked.

I feel that I am stressed, because I am running a race against time. I have a deadline coming up that can really change my experience in LA. I will continue to run with all I've got, but sometimes the finish line holds an unexpected future on the other side. I wish you all the best when running your own race.

Today I went for an intense hike with friends in Hollywood. I feel so refreshed (and soar). Not only did I get an incredible workout, I got to see a view of Los Angeles like none other! I am going to make an honest effort to continue enjoying the outdoors. Excercise doesn't neccesarily have to come from a gym, and hiking is just one example of an alternative work out!

I watched American Idol, and unfortunetly I am not a huge fan of any of the contestants. Danny has no star quality, Kris has a dull personality, and Adam screams, and I mean SCREAMS, way too much. I'm not suggesting that I am a more talented singer, but there is no appeal left in this season. I will continue watching, because I cannot break the tradition. Any thoughts?

The rest of this week will fly by.

AM: Work
PM: Work party
Thursday: Trevor comes to town
Friday: Day off hanging with Trevor and Ian
Saturday: Packing all day and hanging with Trevor
Sunday: Off to Cleveland for a quick visit!

During my trip, along with relaxation, I hope to find inspiration, motivation to write better music and to continue trucking along my journey!

Note to self:
AEROSMITH COMES TO ROCK IN LA!! (For those who don't know, Steven Tyler is my idol!)


Breeze said...

aww, it's all peaks and valleys...as long as you run free, not like a hamster on a wheel, you'll get there...plan more time in nature to fill your cup up and carry on with your journey...

I don't watch television so I can't comment on the singers but that link you posted a while back, that was talent.


Queenet said...

Nickie, You are incredible! I hope to see you while your home. Is it still Teamz on Wed.? Love you, A. E.

The lady in Red said...

Very busy life! Keep on writing and inspiring,
Bewst wishes

Frankie Anon said...

I get all self-conscious about my blog, too. It's the nature of the beast I guess. I always worry that my stories are too depressing. They are true, they reflect the life I've lived, but I don't want people to think it's all a vale of tears, so I try to rotate fun pieces with the memoir stuff. You know what? I think we should just stop worrying about it. Write what moves you at the moment. Some posts will be profound, some will be personal, some won't. That doesn't mean they aren't worth reading!