Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Demons: They haunt us from the time we are little and continue lurking through our entire lives. They are the monsters in the closet, the boogie man under the bed; the images in our minds composed of all the stories we hear from those around us. Demons are the monsters that are created out of pure insecurity and cliché. From a young age we are led to believe that parts of life are meant to scare us. These fears cause us to lose sleep, to question every move we make, and they slow us down from prevailing through challenges. When we are younger, we eventually grow out of our silly fears, because we realize that there aren’t really monsters in the closet and so forth. At this time we are in our young adult to adult years; these are the years when we are faced with the opportunities in life that will ultimately turn our caterpillars into butterflies.

My life changed when I stopped dancing with my demons and started challenging my ghosts. I faced my fears and my life started turning into what I hoped for. I, from the bottom of my heart, hope you all find the courage to face your fears. Do something daring, leap from the cliff that separates you from your destiny, and most imporantly, scare yourself everyday.

"The only thing to fear is fear its self."


Lisa said...

so true my angel, ad thing is so many people need to almost dead before they realize it xx

Anonymous said...

Good post Nick. I am a firm believer in "feel the fear and do it anyway." and taking a leap of faith. There is an adrenaline rush like nothing else attached to doing something that terrifies you. And you feel SO good once you have done the once scary thing.

Melissa said...

Wonderful post Nick...True to the very last word.

Butler and Bagman said...

Absolutely! Even with the subconscious. Once I challenged myself, I never had any more nightmares. I once dreamed a tyrannosaurus rex showed up...I reached over and petted him on the nose.