Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a big, small world.

It's a big, small world. Being back home with new perspective has granted me the opportunity to put things together; sort of figure out all the links in my life's chain reactions.

I find that most of the time, my pride causes me to stray from a path of logical reasoning and leaves me with many unfinished situations. While I enjoy living in bliss, these holes inevitably grow and demand to be dealt with.

Being home and interacting with old, familiar faces has allowed me to view myself in a different position. I am now starting to enjoy putting things together and learning how people and events effect my life specifically.

What I've come to know is that I am on a path that few of my friends are on. I am moving forward with a tank full of passion and excitement, while many of my friends are trudging along on fumes of the past.

I am learning, more than ever, what kind of personalities spark my interest and force me to want more. I've learned that someone who can have a good time is the most attractive. I enjoy a person who can set their own world aside and make the most of everything. Learning what sort of people intrigue you is a huge step in learning the qualities you enjoy in yourself.

It's a big, small world and you never know what chain reactions you are causing. My advice: Be aware.

This Memorial Day weekend, I went on a camping trip with many of my family members, and friends. Riding my ATV through the open fields and rough terrain was so refreshing. It reminded me that regardless the slopes and turns, life has a beautiful destination to be reached.

I created many memories and laughs with the people I love the most. I am a lucky individual and I'm proud to say I recognize it.


Melissa said...

You're not in Los Angles anymore?

It's nice to spend time with your loved ones. Family is so important, at the end they are all you really have. Kudos on the camping...I miss it soo much!


Anonymous said...

Great post Nick. And good to hear that you are doing well - I have been wondering about you - miss your regular posts!

Barry said...

There is a lot to be said for following your bliss, Nick. After all, if you don't, who will!

Glad you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

nick!!! where have you been?!!!

The lady in Red said...

Nice post, Nick and nice photo!
Best wishes,

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I agree Nick and am glad to se you back more!! I was wondering about you my dear........
Pursue happiness my friend. Always pursue happiness :)

Steady On
Reggie Girl

bedofroses said...

My dear sweet beautiful Nicky
Sorry that you left for LA already.
Glad you are home safe!!
I so enjoyed my time here with you.
Thanks for making the past 2 weeks special!!
You are doing the right thing by going back to LA and pursuing your dreams. YOUR TIME IS NOW!! Do it while you are young so you will not have any reqrets in life.
I miss you already!
YOUR NUMBER 2 Fan(your mom is number 1)

bedofroses said...

Your new picture looks awesome!!
So mature!1 I love it!!

Queenet said...

Nickie, I love your new photo, you look so handsome. It was so good seeing you last week I really enjoyed being with you and all the family at Teamz. Your going to make it babe, keep the faith and don't loose site of your goals -- Your time will come.
Love you, A. Elaine