Monday, June 1, 2009

I have a glass to fill.

Optimism without logic, or good reason is hope. The thought of that paints a brilliant scene in my mind, and I cannot help but feel hopeful for all things to come.

We all experience trying times, but as long as we are trying all of the time, we can develop something from any rough patch. Life, they say, isn't as much about the destination as it is the journey; I top that with it being more about the growth you experience on that journey.

On all of my leaps of fate, I focus on what I am learning along the way. Doing so makes me feel, that regardless the landing, I accomplished something.

It is rare for me to feel empty handed after any situation, because I believe in the glass half full so avidly; I feel lucky enough to have a glass to fill. Life is a lesson, my advice: Learn plenty.

I am back in LA and I feel pretty stellar. Visiting my hometown was such a unique eXperience, I feel that I barely have grasped the change. I will write about my entire trip tomorrow! How have you all been?

Forever on,

Nick James


Anonymous said...

Yup, I am the same - I see the glass 3/4 full instead of half empty. I have occassionally been ridiculed for being so optimistic, but that perspective has helped me through some very challenging times, so I am not willing to change.
Glad you had a good trip. Nice to see you back!

Melissa said...

Some people hate people who are so optimistic, but I love how you find the silver lining in just about everything.

Happy to hear you had a nice trip!

bedofroses said...

It's the 6th already and you have not posted your story about your trip home yet. Looking forward to reading it.