Friday, June 26, 2009

Slow down.

Lately I seem to be focused on really trying to take advice and apply it to my experiences. Advice comes from those who see a spark and want to help the flames grow. My parents always offer me so much advice (My dad does so kindly: My mom does so intensely). However the advice is addressed, I eventually make an effort to take it and use it.

Advice also comes from folks who don't know you so well, or at all.

A complete stranger saw me the other day and could tell I was extremely stressed. He came up to me and said
"I am only fifty one, but I feel I can speak from experience. If you are having 'one of those days' just slow down. "

Just. Slow. Down.


Now take a deep breath.

I heard his advice, politely thanked him and my mind ran off on its current race. It wasn't until several hours later that I thought about it again. I gave it a shot and forgot about any deadlines. I faced my current project, took a breath and thought about all of the options I had as to how it could be completed.

I kid you not, everything and everyone around me suddenly seemed easier to deal with. Almost like they, too, were slowing down. I eventually caught up with the project and completed it, successfully.

In moments of intensity, everything is intensified. We yell, we rush and we lose touch with patience. When patience is gone, serenity is gone.

So all: SLOW DOWN.

It really does help. At a healthy pace, you will find everything much more scenic. When the scenery is sought after, beauty is found.

There is beauty in everything and I believe that. There are lessons learned, strength gained and happiness found eventually in most reasonable situations.

I wish you the best of the positive twist.

On a more personal note, here are my updates:

-I bought a car. An old trusty rusty!
-I am moving to a new apartment in August.
-I have my best friends coming to visit.
-I am going to give American Idol another shot (no expectations, just fun).
-I am one, over worked, happy dude!

On my second shift tonight, in the elevator I am going to enjoy some peace and quiet. Mmm.

Sending ya'll calmness,


Ps. Don't multi-task- give your all to one thing at a time. Precision is a guaranteed way to reach success.

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Queenet said...

Yeah! you have wheels - lots of luck as you tool around L.A. but be careful.

I have a saying "I have only two speeds "Slow and slower!" Yes, we need to slow down and take time to "smell the roses!"

In my yoga class, the breathing techniques are awesome, we rid the toxins and calm our core. This is a good thing!

Peace be with you Nickie! Love, A. Elaine