Sunday, June 14, 2009

Give me pavement.

We've all had those times in our lives when clarity is the furthest thing from our reality.

In times when the fog in the sky is as heavy as the world on your shoulder, you must gather all of your strength and tactic and persevere.
I had a brief, but meaningful conversation recently. It was essentially about hardships that come with chasing your passions. We concluded the conversation with the comfort that we will reach the top of our goals.

At that moment, I turned red in the face with a huge sense of being grateful; I realized that I can only move forward, or onward. I was born to move forward on my path, so I scream at the top of my lungs "GIVE ME PAVEMENT."

I humbly accept every challenge, for I know that each step is a necessary means, not to an end, but to many new beginnings.

As my first six months in LA come to an end, I applaud myself for staying positive and staying in California.

It is pretty apparent that I am a goal oriented person. For my benefit, I will outline my upcoming goals.

I plan to:
-Buy a car: With more to do, it has become an entity for me to have my own means of transportation. I hope to find and affordable, reliable set of wheels.
-Find my own apartment and build my own home. In the potentially tough situation, I will learn what it really means to live.
-Get back into school. I haven't lost faith in my goals, I just feel that I would be more at peace knowing that I can accomplish graduation.
-I will network for social and professional reasons.

Advice that I offer and embrace is to take in simplicity.

Take care buddies,
Nick James


The lady in Red said...

Dear Nick, very nice post! Set goals are the most important thing in life!
Simplicity and gratetude is everything in life!
Have a very nice week,

Queenet said...

Hi Nickie, boy you have some pretty heavy duty goals. Lots of luck in achieving each and every one of them. You'll need patience and fortitude and I know you'll make it. Hope all is well with you.

Love you, A. Elaine aka Queen Mama Mia