Monday, April 13, 2009

Like crystals.

The stars stood out like crystals as I drove home from Arizona. My trip was like
some sort of out of body experience. I couldn't help but feel accomplished as I
first gave myself credit for my endeavors.
For so long I walked around with the idea that I owe everyone something. Upon
meeting the folks who push and believe in me, I began believing in myself, not
so much as a recipient of multiple favors, but as an entity that deserves to be
I plan to not cross the lines of being conceited, but with a new respect for
myself, I will stand taller and demand more respect.
My Easter holiday in Arizona was incredible. Ian and I made the six hour drive
an adventure, and that momentum proceeded through the entire weekend. We arrived
on Thursday night and the celebration began immediately. Friday morning Ian and
I slept in, only to wake up to an entire day of celebration. Aunt Karen and I
played catch up like Lebron James plays basketball. As our group at the mexican
joint grew to more loved ones, I couldn't help but smile and feel that I was
dealt a pretty decent hand in life. Friday night, Ian and I headed to a friends
house for a little reunion. Three words: Rock and Roll. I got to hang with a
pretty rad (thanks for the word Ian) crowd. Saturday we slept in again (we are
LA boys--we don't get to sleep much). We woke up and headed to lunch with a
friend of mine that I met at the American Idol auditions, almost a year ago. It
is cool to me that we kept in touch. After lunch, we headed to Scottsdale to
gawk at the pretentious town. I am happy, because I bought a new pair of
expensive jeans that were marked down to $20.00! That night we kept the momentum
going at a karaoke bar. Ian and I stole the show, naturally. I event got the
entire bar to hold their lighters in the air as I sung my guts out. Easter was a
great day. Two little ones came over and enjoyed an Easter egg hunt, compliments
of the Morton's and I. Watching them hunt for eggs reminded me so much of me,
circa the 90's, when my family hid eggs for me. Aunt Karen cooked an incredible
7 course dinner, while Uncle Doug gave Ian and I the tour de vino. After
sampling some delicious wine we ate, a lot. Being surrounded by family was so
refreshing after over three months in Los Angeles. Although leaving was
difficult, I am geared up to continue my pursuit.

Folks, I hope you all had a
great day- if you celebrate, Happy Easter.

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Breeze said...

You have such a positive way of thinking...I love how you have discovered how valuable you are without crossing into conceit..that's where a lot go wrong, being modest is only a virtue as long as it's balanced with thoughts of your own divinity!

Sounds like you have a wonderful family and had a wonderful trip..wish I could hear you at Karaoke!


Butler and Bagman said...

Go, Nick! You always sound like you're having so much fun no matter what you are doing. You make my day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun trip Nick. I am happy for you.

Snowbrush said...

And you were maybe a little nervous about going!

Chuck Dilmore said...

Life is good...
you're not only good at it,
you're grateful for it!

Good on ya, Mate.
Good things are coming to you.


Lisa said...

sounds wonderful Nick- life sounds pretty good my friend xx

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm glad you had a nice visit home!