Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Romeo Testa

Every so often we are lucky enough to come across an individual who surpasses any level of mediocrity. This person has some talent, some aura that instantly graces a level of magnetism and grace, and therefore leaves a lasting impression. When I come across such a special person, I cannot help but take a moment and share their gift with others.

Like the angels know, music is a gift that unites, soothes, and changes the world indefinitely. In my new adventure, I’ve come across a young, creative and rare musical talent. Romeo Testa is a young performer who is only at the beginning of his long path, but has already traveled so far. Immediately upon listening to his gift, his music, my soul knew that he is going to reach incredible highs.

Not only am I honored to be a fan of his music, I am blessed to know him personally. With a great head on his shoulder, Romeo has mastered many instruments including the viola and the bass guitar. His rock edge, mixed with his soulfulness creates a sound that supersedes any level of average. As a teenager, Romeo has experienced life beyond most his age. His experiences give his music a quality of truth, which I feel is an entity to art.

As big things are approaching Romeo’s life, I ask you, my readers, to help him out. All you have to do is check out his Myspace, give his songs a listen, and hold on for what is going to be an exciting ride. Click on the link below to find his site!

Romeo Testa

Let him and I know what you think!


Faith said...

Oh my goodness! He is excellent!! Thanks so much for the link...hoping all the best for him. I would buy a cd of his in a heartbeat.:-)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute Nick! Good job!

Breeze said...

Holy jeez can you call 'em! He's fantastic and YES big things..no doubt! My daughter(who sings) is going to love this guy! Thank you for the introduction to this music!


~Sheila~ said...

Hey, so I'm totally diggin Romeo's music. He's only 14?
I really need to let my son listen to him too so that he knows there are lots of music options...not just "screamo". (I know, I know)

You are a great friend to help encourage and promote another's success.

Definitely a role model.

Keep it up, Nick!

Nath said...

He is amazing! Beautiful voice :)

Anonymous said...

He's very good and at such a young age!