Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Plants grow and die, wind blows and flies.

This world keeps spinning faster each day. Young ones want to be older, old people want to feel younger. Plants grow and die, the wind blows and flies. We can’t stop it. The older I get, the more content I am with my age. I am still 20 years young and 20 years old. I have experience to base a life off of, but I have many years to correct any mistakes.

Obviously I have been gone for quite some time. I actually regret letting myself go this long without writing. After the end of this story you will understand why I feel that I may make a life out of writing.

Where I've been.

I will tell you where I have been for the past little while. I have been out living my dream, partially. The lesson I learned is that you can have something you want very quickly, but just as quickly it can be taken away. The last time I posted I told you all how I was going to get my headshots. I went and had a great time. My photographer, who I will call Nato, really saw potential in me. He introduced me to his wife, who I will call Nah, and she saw the same spark. They both talked to about their lives in the entertainment business. Nato was a model in his days; he traveled the world and experienced great things. Now he is an actor. Nah in her younger years, too, was a model; however, she chose to go the path of being an agent. Through the years Nato and Nah built a list of very impressive contacts and they wanted me to do the same.

Immediately, strings were pulled that put me on ladder level 5 in the pursuit category. I was to meet a man named Tony Duran (www.tonyduranphotography.net). Tony, I learned, is a very successful photographer. He has shot every celebrity and many, many magazine covers. Tony saw a picture of me and decided that he would shoot me. The day of the shoot, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. All I knew is that my head was flying faster than the butterflies in my stomach. Nah, who has taken on the role of my manager, drove me up to the Hollywood Hills where Tony lives. I arrived at his beautiful home and met his entire crew. Immediately Tony sat me down in his kitchen and starts snipping away at my hair. I didn’t know what to expect, but low and behold I had an edgy haircut and I love it. Tony let me know that his stylist friend was on board helping me and there was a huge wardrobe for me to choose from. I let the stylist do all of the work and I had 6 looks that I completely loved. At this time Tony was ready to start the photo shoot, which was the most educational experience ever. Although I may never have a chance to enjoy Tony’s company again—I respect him more than I think he would even care to know and I think he is a great person. At his level, his willingness to shoot me, a nobody, was extremely respectable and appreciated. By the end of the day I felt as though I had my own fairytale story. Here is a before and after that will properly show you what being in LA does for you.



With a shoot by Tony Duran I was encouraged to reach for the very top and to my surprise; many big name agencies opened their doors to me. I met with all of them with nerves in my stomach tighter than ever before. The end result was that the agencies were not confident in taking me on. Although it was a letdown, I feel as though I got a big taste at my dreams, and that I accomplished huge things in my short time. I am currently, still a signed actor with Beacon Talent. Reality is setting back in that I have a ton of work ahead of me, but surely enough; I am starting to feel rejuvenated and ready to keep trying.

Where I am now.

With this set back, I’ve decided that it is time to get back into school. Now that I am working fulltime between my two jobs, I am realizing how far I could go with a degree. While in Ohio, I completed two years of a broadcast/journalism degree. I’ve decided that I am a writer and there is exciting things that come with that. I’ve been talking about writing a book. I have the writing talent and now I have the experience. I have so many ideas for the message my book will portray and I am very excited to see what happens with everything. Whether it is in California or Ohio- I am so excited to start school again with my new life.

California continues to become more beautiful each and every day. As I am actually building a life here I love my new friends, my new endeavors and all of my new responsibilities. I am learning a lot about life and, more importantly, learning how to apply the knowledge to life. I am learning how happiness is the truest treasure and that family is the greatest cornerstone. I stand a little bit taller, I work a little bit harder and I believe in so much more.

I continue to write music as though I was a player piano out of control. I am staying physically active. I am laughing daily. I am happy. I am embracing my youth as it slowly transitions into adulthood. I am proud to live a life with meaning and self-made happiness.

Welcome back, Nick James is here to stay.


Vitamin B-Lardo said...

You are a cool cat. I like this post and your photos are good, but only because you are a handsome young man.

Photo talent takes great pictures...but there still has to be something great to capture...and you are IT.

You'll see....bit things are still coming your way.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr. James,
I am very impressed with your writing. I wish you all the best in all you do!! Follow your heart and your dreams. You are only young once!! Just be careful!
I look forward to checking out your blog and seeing how life is treating you! You deserve the best!
One of you oldest fans.
JK from NR

infinitelymoretosay said...

Oh my gosh, I can't even recognize you in the second picture! well I'm glad you're liking California, maybe I'm not going to the right places because I've been living here all my life and I really don't see what's so great.
Welcome back; once again I love your continuous optimism

Queenet said...

Nickie, what an amazing photo you look so "hollywood!" and a handsome due you are! The best of luck on that next rung of that ladder and you truly are wise beyond your years. Keep writing, I love it.
Happy Easter, miss you, Love, A.E

findingmywingsinlife said...

Nick, wonderful to see you on here again and i believe good things will come, it just takes a bit of time and patience. The difference between the before and after pics are incredible by the way.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I was wondering what happened to you! Glad you are doing good, love the pic!

Nath said...

I'm glad to see that you are back! The pictures are great! Good luck with everything friend :)

Butler and Bagman said...

Go, Nick! Even with the setback, your life is flying at 20! I'm 62 and, yes, I'll admit that it would be fun to be 20 again...but I'd also love to live to be 104 because then I would be able to read your blog when you are my age and enjoy your trip. But then, I guess, I'd want to live to be 146 so I could see what you were doing at 104...etc. I like both your before and after head shots. I might even like the before shots better.

Natalie said...

Hey, Nick! Wonderful news and photo, very handsome indeed!
Glad you and your smiley face are back.xx

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Nick! Sounding very grounded as usual! Great pics!

honkeie2 said...

Very cool! the first pick was a bit Mickeymouse but the second one was more like edgy Blue Steel!

Anonymous said...

Nick- I've missed you! Your pic looks fantastic! I am so happy to see that you are branching out and using your other talents (ie- writing.) Keep your doors open and always be open to every possibility and great things will come!

~Sheila~ said...

I'm so glad you are back!!
I knew you would be buys with trying to get your career jump-started and I think it's great that you are out pursuing it as determined as you are.

Keep up this positive attitude and continues to realize that the bad also comes with the good. Just don't ever let it get you down. You will definitely find your place!!

The 1st picture looked great but the 2nd picture looked awesome. You look totally different.
I love it.

Congrats and welcome back. We all missed you.

Triana said...

Your experiences are priceless Nick, and your exuberance at life is in itself exhilarating beyond words. Enjoy each day with its hardships & rewards. You've got the right attitude to take yourself many, many places. Cheers to your journey! :)

Frankie Anon said...

Great shots, both before and after. It must be hard being in the biz you're in; there's so much superficiality and it must be hard to know who you can believe or trust. But you seem to have a good sense of grounding and of self. Stay optimistic and tenacious!