Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dream Board.

I am going to make a dream board. It will be an impromptu art project that helps me organize and visualize my goals. It will be casual, simple and personal. As a new goal comes to mind, I will jot it down on my dream board, and as I accomplish my endeavors I will scratch them off. I think we should all have our own form of a dream board. To see our goals is to ignite the passion that promotes inspiration.
Each of us have a motion we move in. This motion is both provided and created. Our spirit moves in a certain way, however, with the right intent and will power, we can altar these paths to lead to where we want. My movement is forward. Regardless of where I've been, I move forward.

Good things are coming. good. things. are. coming. I know it. I am so excited for each day, as I know my day is coming. Whether it is tomorrow, or three years from now, I know I will find my height and I will fly. Our existence on this earth is unexplainable. My existence, from my opinion, is to fly. I was born with a dream, one that takes a prolific stance in my life. I may fall, but bet your bottom dollar that I will rise higher each time.

Today I went back to the gym and ran 2 miles. It was a slow start, but a good one considering my vacation. I want to get back into my gym routine, as well as continuing to eat healthy.

In my last post, I talked about my karaoke debut in Arizona, so I thought I'd share a picture!

I've noticed a lag in my readers interest, so I am asking for YOUR honest opinion. What can I do to make Onward Bound a place you want to visit? I am open to any suggestions and will take all criticism with an open mind (I do that for a living)! Either leave your suggestions in a comment, or e-mail me. NickJames18@aol.com

To the future,

Nick James


AJ said...

A dream board is a fantastic idea. I think I'm going to have to jump on the band wagon with that one and start my own

Butler and Bagman said...

Since my interest has not been lagging, I probably can't help you. On the other hand, those people who have drifted away won't know you asked for help int he first place. It may simply be the natural waxing and waning of how things are.

Anonymous said...

She says ever so kindly, just because we dont comment, doesnt mean we are not following. I thought this about my blog for a while, then I added a counter , and was truly amazed at the traffic. You're awesome Nick... having fun, living life. Do this blog for yourself.. your journey is like no others and I can say, I am very proud of your accomplishments. You dont know me, but you have impacted my life. Keep on being real, people will come.

Anonymous said...

I have never done a dream board. I will be interested to hear how yours turns out.

Sofia-Classifieds Weekly said...

Love the idea and would love to try it myself:-)

Queenet said...

Your dream board is clever Nick. A good way to stay on track, set goals and accomplish. At my age, I call it a "Bucket List!" ha ha.

I shall post my list one day! I'm working on my book and I started my writing class at B-W and that is taking up alot of my blogging time. I'll continue to follow your blog and you keep up the great work and be proud and think about all the people you are inspiring! Love you, AE

Wildeve said...

Hi Nick! I love the idea of a dream board.
I think writing your dreams and goals out seems to make them happen! I'm glad things are going well for you. Just keep doing what you do- be yourself, that is enough- I haven't lost interest, just working a lot a I have very little blog time.

Barry said...

I've been distracted by some health issues, but my interest is still healthy.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I've never done Karioke, too worried about embarrassing myself lol.

Melissa said...

A dream board...sounds like a wonderful idea! I did something simmilar but for the book I'm writing, it helps more than you would think to have a visual.
Men are visual creatures right?

Frankie Anon said...

Hi Nick. I haven't visited in a while, so it's good to catch up. I'm working on a couple of book projects, and trying to keep up with my blog (I'm not making nearly as many entries as I'd like), but I always read older posts when I check in. I know how it feels to write posts and wonder "is there anybody out there?"

Like your dream board idea!

The lady in Red said...

Dear Nick, Nice idea. I have a dream board with pictures connected with my dreams, and it works. As long as you see the pictures on the board, you remember your aims and projects to achieve them. Well, in my opinion, your blog is really good. Keep on with your nice blog and writing in your style. Have a nice week, take care,

~Sheila~ said...

Sorry it's been awhile!
I'm here.

I can't karaoke to save my life. Of course, I have a post around here that totally makes my shower my private studio!

You need to play us something sometime.

Nath said...

I've just been so wrapped up in my own life that I havn't had time for internet. I love reading you posts because of their positive energy! Keep up the great work Nick! :) I beleve that you can do anything!

Anonymous said...
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