Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who are we?

In a society of conformity and ideals, who are we? Who are we, if the very people we share paths with close their minds to the different people we all can be? I cannot fathom living in a world with no color, nor a world with no individuality. As this world continues to turn event after event, I cannot appreciate the fact that people question another person's right to be who they choose to be. I find that it is the individuality of the world that keeps life interesting. I hope for everyone to open their minds and let others do as they please. If someone isn't hurting mankind, so be it. Putting definitions on others takes too much away from what this world is about. I choose to let everyone love who they want, look the way they want, build life...the way they want. I hope the same for myself; I don't want other's to control the person I can be.

As the economy declines, so does my, and many other's, bank accounts. Today I spent $100 like it was nothing. I had to buy groceries (I may stop eating) and pants for work tomorrow night. I truly feel that I do my darnedest to shop intelligently, but still the amount I spend is ridiculous. I am excited to start work tomorrow, so I can find balance in this purchasing frenzy.

Tonight, Ian and I went to the NOFX concert. The venue was fantastic; with it's rugged look, I couldn't help but feel that LA's Music Box (the venue) was a place of much history and character. On the way home, we drove by the Walt Disney Music Hall, a building that speaks for itself. The architectural design is so unbelievable that magic truly radiates from its walls.

I consider these venues to be a lot like our society. Both are so different, one classic and the other modern, but they share something remarkable: Music. Each of us are completely different from one another, but we all share something too: The right to live the life we imagine. I respect everyone's right to their pursuit, and I hope that respect is offered in return.

As I fight my eyes to stay open, I hope you find diversity in your days to come. I hope you live with an open mind and heart; I hope you find love in return.