Sunday, February 8, 2009

Where I want to be.

I worked tonight, and it was a blast. I am excited to work hard with this job.

Tonight is the big night. The Grammy awards are taking place, and you can feel it in the air. As I drove around downtown today, you could see preparation happening on every block. Camera crews, equipment vehicles, packed hotel lobby's consumed the area. Since I was little, I've enjoyed the Grammy awards. Although I won't be enjoying the ceremony, I will be working the after party at Club Nokia. I cannot wait to see all of the people dressed up and having a great time. Being around all of this only enhances my drive. I feel inspired to get to where I want to be, so one day I could be enjoying the Grammy's as a performer.

As far as the professional aspect of life goes, I really enjoy the process. I enjoy seeing ambition at its finest as workers strive to move up. Climbing the ladder of any company is a challenge, and I find it very fun to attempt the climb. As I continue to work hard, I cannot wait to see what opportunities arise.

I wish I had more time to write, but I have to work on making dinner before work. I cannot wait to share the stories of my first Grammy's night in Los Angeles! Take care everyone and enjoy the show if you are watching it on TV.

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Queen Mama Mia said...

Well, you have moved forward and experienced the first rung of the ladder. May you continue to climb. Consider this "the first day of the rest of your new life!" Sounds exciting.