Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mind and soul.

That is my own little twist on an obvious classic. For our Oscar celebration, I prepared homemade hamburgers with cheddar cheese, bleu cheese and a dash of crushed red pepper (yes I like heat). Not to leave anything typical, I dressed up some regular bread and shaped them to help make my burgers gourmet (or appear to be)!

This post is very different than my last post, because I am literally sitting here with the post open, writing whatever comes to my mind at the time. Sorry if this seems extremely pointless and random.

Today was a very relaxed day; after a late night out, it was much needed. I spent the day, thus far, cooking and eating--and, of course, watching the Oscars. As I watch them on TV, it is pretty cool to be able to look off of my balcony and see some of the commotion (especially the Goodyear blimp that does all of the aerial filming). After the Oscar's, I plan to hit the gym and work off some of this weekend's damage.

I was reading some of my very old poetry today and came across one that represents my current mood.

Comfort In A Friend.

The music in the background.
The feeling of the wind.
The comfort of our conversation.
The comfort in a friend.

I know this poem is extremely simple, but the tone is exactly how I feel now. With an overcast sky, a slight breeze and an open schedule, my mind and soul are as relaxed as ever. Truth be told, it is 5:24 and I am still in my cozy pajama pants. All I have the desire to do is catch up with my friends and watch TV. So far, my wishes have come true. As day turns to night, I am going to make some of my favorite coffee, wrap up in a blanket and watch my girlfriend, Anne Hathaway, win all night (I hope so). If anyone is feeling as relaxed as I am, feel free to contact me via e-mail for a nice chat. is the address, you know how to do the rest!

"Love is unconditional, timeless and ageless; and a really special gift to be treasured."
-Goldie Haun

I'll find that again, won't I?

I'm all tapped out right now. Have a great night everyone...I hope you are as relaxed as I am.


findingmywingsinlife said...

It seems you are not the only one posting randomness today...I did the same thing for my post earlier....

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm always random lol. I start to type something and next thing I know I'm on a completely different subject!

How cool to see the Oscar commotion going on around you!

Kyla said...

Those burgers look delicious :)

Lisa said...

yes, you will Nick.
being able to cook might help too- those burgers look terrific......
we dont get the Oscars telecast here until late tonight, so my son wont let anyone breathe a word about winners etc.....lucky i have google xx

Meme said...

I hope that you do, and when you do let me know where I can find!

Lisa is right , cooking talent is always a plus!

The lady in Red said...

Dear Nick, I must avoid see your post in the evening, even my light dinner, your sandwiches are fantastic. Well, I didn´t watch the Oscar.

Best wishes,