Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Our past is set in stone.

I'm not a guardian angel, nor am I a hero of any sorts. I have a heart of gold and genuine intentions to make things better; those are my powers. In situations where the ones I love are in undeserving positions, I feel helpless that I don't have more to offer. Being a young guy in this world is great, but often leaves me feeling useless. I'm at a point where I am working on building myself rather than a fortune. I just hope those who I feel deserve it understand that if I had more than a shoulder to offer, the help would be theres for the taking. When push comes to shove each individual has the most power to better their situations, but as we all know love is a wonderful catalyst to bettering each day. At a time in my life where I have very little, I offer my love and compassion to anyone who would benefit from it.

As life moves forward, we lose and gain many contacts. This is a simple idea to swallow, except for when the contacts we lose used to be the most cherished of relationships. Just as easily as friendships can be broken, they can be regained. I was lucky enough to meet one of my best friends at age 5. Him and I have been through it all together, ultimately building an extremely unique bond. Over the years our paths divided and we ended up in two very different places. It was never easy knowing that we weren't the same two people we used to be, but the inevitable was that our interest changed. I never forgot about a single moment we shared, from vacations to growing up, but I feared that we were out of moments to build. Luckily, our bond was too strong to divide and we found a way to manage our friendship better. We went from completely losing touch to talking everyday. In a new peak of our friendship, I wish we were closer and able to spend time together, however, just catching up is good. As I catch up with my good friend, I urge my readers to make a few phone calls and re-connect with faces from the past. After all, the faces of the past are the only one's who can understand what you got you to the future.

Just as our friendships change constantly, so do we. As I am in a life altering situation I have made the promise to not forget who I was. I realize now that without our roots, growing is an impossible task. It is the nourishment of who we were that allows us to change into who we can become. Being that I am on a journey to become the best and most fulfilled person I can be, I find myself thinking about the past more than ever. I remember playing with my sibling's friends when I was too young to have my own, I remember going to work with my dad when I had nowhere to be, I remember crying when my mom would try leaving the house, because I had no one to be with, I remember earning my license and driving all over town, I remember graduating high school and having an aching heart because of the people I wouldn't see anymore. I remember the past because the only direction we can look and see something is backwards. Our futures are unlimited, but our past is set in stone.

Two days ago in Los Angeles, a high profile police chase took place. It lasted hours and involved a beautiful Bentley and the LAPD. As my roommate and I watched it on the news, we recognized the area the chase was taking place; RIGHT BY OUR APARTMENT! So we headed out to our balcony and started looking around. Sure enough, we looked up and there were many helicopters shining their lights above us. It was the stars blew up and were shining out of control. As we watched the helicopters fly, we were able to see the chase on a highway that you can see from our apartment. As much as I'd rather there be no police chase, it was pretty neat to see. Unfortunately the driver of the Bentley ended the chase by ending his life.

Call me biased, but I do not like Valentines day. I dislike that love is considered so important around this time of year, when it should be constantly. I dislike all of the gush on TV. I most likely do not dislike it as much as I exclaim, but rather just dislike it because I don't celebrate it. I've had one good Valentine's day my entire life and that was last year. Although me and the girl no longer keep in touch, I will always remember the good times we've shared. There is something priceless about falling in love when you are young. No matter what happens between you and that person, you will always remember them. Despite what I should feel, I miss the fun and feeling of enjoying her company more than anyone's. That was last year, this is now and I don't like Valentine's day.

Tomorrow I have another Disney audition. This one shouldn't be too difficult, it is a character look-alike for the Disney Cruise. This may sound absurd that I just got to LA and I'm already trying to trek the sea, but it is a temporary contract. I've always wanted to go on a cruise ship, and what better way to experience that. I don't truly know what to expect for the audition, but I will go with the best of attitudes and charm the pants off of the judges! I'll keep you updated with the audition tomorrow.

I cannot catch up with time. Lately it seems to be flying faster than the wind. I feel like I have all of these plans and I can't complete them all by the week's end. I suppose we are all encouraged to cherish every second of our day's, because they come and go so quickly. As time continues to fly, I should go check more off of my "to do" list. For everyone back in Ohio, enjoy the beautiful weather I keep hearing about. To everyone, I wish you the best!


Queen Mama Mia said...

Valentines Day will be a good day to keep the economy going. I agree that we should cherish and love those in our hearts every day.
Cruising is an awesome experience - good luck in this new venue and enjoy the ride.Love You!

Anonymous said...

Yeah..Valentines day has a certain sting to it. At least for me. Why can't we love one another all the time? Splendid post Nick.

Anonymous said...

That police chase was an absolute tragedy. Hope you do awesome in the audition.