Friday, February 20, 2009

Sense of completion.

I know I'm not a legitimate chef by any means, but I am passionate about creation. I consider cooking a key form of creation. This is a meal I created for my roommates.

Looks good, I know. I served BBQ ribs, with crushed red pepper and chipotle style Tabasco sauce. I made a pasta side dish and served it all with a fresh vegetable salad with homemade croutons.

With that being said, I am finding how much I truly love making things. Whether it be helping my roommate with his current movie production, or cooking dinner. There is something so satisfying about taking something from point "A" to "B." With my new life, I am constantly creating for myself; experience, life, funds, survival, etc. There is so much that goes into making something happen, that when it finally is completed a sense of completion overwhelms me. I never knew how much I liked working on different projects, but, truthfully, knowing how much I can do is really rewarding. As I create many different projects I hope you create something you are proud of.

Recently having received my first blog award, I've been drilling away at creating my own. It sounds like a simple task, however, I want this award to be really unique and hard to give out. As ideas bounce around in my head, I'll continue to read my favorite blog pages. I know I will find inspiration through these folks who teach me so much everyday.

I watched American Idol and was reminded as to how much I truly love performance. Not that I needed reminding, because it is on my mind every second of the day, but seeing it in action; all of the smiles on the performers faces, the guts out delivery of song, the precise and well rehearsed portrayal of the performer these individuals want to be are all so inspirational. As jealous as I am of these blessed, talented individuals I know I will light my stage one day.

I am currently in an uncomfortable situation where someone I consider a brother is slowly drifting from my life. This individual is too close to lose, but too far to understand. He, like me, does not enjoy talking on the phone, but we are both so far away I don't really see other options. I rely too much on his understanding of me to wait until the next time we are around each other. I consider this friendship to much like gold to keep it out of sight, out of mind. The fact of the matter is I feel down when I think that I take the friendship more seriously than he. We've shared too much to be this distant from one another. I'm not lost as to what needs to happen in this situation, I just needed to share that it is driving me nuts.

Recently, thanks to this blog, a new friend has come into my life. Although we are 3,000 miles away he has managed to impress me with every conversation we share. Talking to him makes me admire a fearless conversation. Both of us are profound and critical thinkers, and we aren't afraid to share that in verbal context. We can talk about a situation and one of us will be ranting off in such a poetic and demanding way. It hit me today when he made me feel like I was reading a blog when he talked. I love people who can understand, so thoroughly, what they feel and are able to execute it in a mature and stylistic manner. I am glad to have met this person and am excited to see what I take from him in the future.

Life is a big game of who we have and who we gain-- We are constantly balancing classic friendships with the new, ultimately forming our own social standards. Some of these people build up enough endurance to stay for a long time, but others run the race too fast, tiring themselves before the finish. Regardless the place in line, each of these people are running the same race. Be conscious as to who is around and learn from them, and enjoy their company while it last. As my close friend becomes distant, I will enjoy my new friend who grows near. I know in the end, both stand a great chance of finishing, but it isn't about the outcome--just the race that was run.

I am a full fledged busy body. I like to have several things going on at once, it is the best way I function. I often joke that if I could lead a life in both Los Angeles and Cleveland, I would. This morning as my phone rang at 7:00AM that statement became very valid. A talent agency that I was in contact with back East called me and offered me a pretty unique job. I spent plenty of time on the phone learning the logistics of it and I was pretty excited at the idea of flying home and gaining the experience. The final key to whether or not this could happen was if the flight would have allowed me to gain a profit.........I added the pause so we could all share a laugh--RIGHT! The flights are so expensive right now that I'm not sure I will ever afford going home (haha). The point of this story is that we are so often faced with situations where we have to choose and sacrifice things that we, otherwise, would kill for. I am a full fledged busy body and if I start jogging now, I could make it to Cleveland by March!


Natalie said...

Excellent post, enjoyed it thoroughly.

I too, enjoy cooking creations for my loved ones. I find a sense of pride in making things up as I go along, and they enjoy eating them! Most especially teenage son, Nick!

There is a saying I live by, in regard to friends:
'Reason, Season, Lifetime'
If you look at your friendships, they usually fall into these categories. Hope this helps.x

jb said...

Nick.... great post and friendship is the foundation of life. Without a solid foundation, a house would not stay up...that being said love,friendships,family,work, it all starts from the pouring of a good solid foundation or base.

Your a very wise man, who also knows what it takes, to keep things going, so don't give up, if that's what you want, but don't let life or people defeat you. Without you, there is nothing, so defeat is out of the question.

Now... I'm a chef by trade and I would like to say, nice meal you prepared for your roommate. It's nice to see things go froma A to B and the outcome of all the work you put into it......good job. I have been cooking for many years, so I know the what it takes. Always stay commited and keep your eyes on the prize, it's never very far.

Take Very Good Care

Oh....running to cleveland not such a good idea lololoo...

Meme said...

Good job, I love cooking as well.
It's nice of you to cook for your friends.
I cook for my family, but I enjoy baking for them.

It's a nice feeling to watching them eat your creations!

Anonymous said...

"This individual is too close to lose, but too far to understand"--give it time. This individual needs distance.