Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Move on, or keep on.

Today started off right. I woke up at a decent hour and took care of things right from the get go. I had an excellent work out, I even ran an extra mile thanks to all the inspiration. After my run I headed back up to the apartment and spent a lot of time on my balcony. This sounds like a "who cares" sort of deal, but my balcony faces beautiful mountains. It sounds silly, but I always tell people that I use the mountains to keep myself humble. No matter how big I feel at any time, I look over at the mountains and remember that there are things so much bigger than me in this world.

Some exciting news for today is that a management company is interested in representing me. I'm still in the pre-stages of talking with them, but they seem to be excited to work with me. Proper management is KEY to obtaining a successful career, so I look forward to learning more about the company. Everyone's initial thought is that they are probably scamming me, but rest assure knowing that they are legitimate and they represent decently famous talent. As I learn more, I will share more. I will consider this the first major leap towards my dream career.

The moment we all have waited for will remain the moment we wait for. Although I was supposed to start work tonight, it didn't end up working out; the singer of the band became sick and cancelled the show I was working entirely. I hope he feels better, and look forward to starting work, now, on Saturday. Being that I was in work mode, I had energy that I had to burn, so my roommates and I decided to head to the movies.

This was a good trip to the movies, I saw plenty. Instantly upon walking in, I noticed a red carpet set up with actors all over it. They weren't big name actors, but they were enjoying the premier of their movie "Two Guys and a Dream." I've never heard of this movie or the actors, but I congratulate them nonetheless. It was fun watching average people enjoying the successes of the business. It reminded me that there is definitely a shot at becoming successful. I was feeling quite nostalgic walking in, so it was no surprise that I felt the urge to buy Goobers. The average reader won't understand why Goobers mean so much, but those who know my father will.

I realize I am still a young 20 year old, but something that no one can deny me of is the fact that I am growing up. With growing up I am noticing some changes in me that, quite frankly, scare me. Today I ordered Goobers at the movie theatre, because I wanted to feel closer to my father. I don't particularly enjoy this candy, nor did I feel I needed to spend $4.00 to buy it, but I wanted to feel like I did something like my dad. All my life he has been someone I've looked up to, and being so far away, Goobers at the movie theatre are a great representation of my pop. I wonder all of the time if he knows how much I hope to gain his respect. Along with scary facts of growing up is my sudden adaptation of a hypochondriac. The protagonist in tonight's movie suffered from a heart attack. While everyone else enjoyed the rise above the disease, my chest started to hurt. I started thinking about eating healthier and exercising (even more). I don't know if I am learning the quality of life more, or if I am just going crazy. Whatever the case, I feel panicked about my health all of the time. I am convinced that if I go get any test at the doctors office, I will have something. This condition hasn't consumed my brain yet, but it is stressful and I share full sympathy with anyone who suffers it. Tonight was a big reminder of how I get worked up over things. I need to learn to relax and be grateful for the health I have.

While thinking about what I would write about tonight, I decided to do a movie review. Tonight I saw "The Wrestler." Mickey Rourke delivered an emotionally strong performance as Randy the Ram, a popular wrestler from the 80's. He captured the emotion of moving forward in life and the experience of honing in on your passions. The audience felt "The Rams" pain as he suffered a heart attack, leading him to make the ultimate decision: Move on, or keep on.

Another theme presented in the movie was that of being a "one tricked pony." I am going to continue working hard to be anything but one dimensional. I will focus on several things I enjoy doing. As my heart beats, healthfully, in my chest I will take advantage of being alive and make the most of every single day.

Unfortunately, my phone is working at half capacity, leaving my picture function disabled. Although I will not be able to share pictures in my blog for awhile, I will continue to share my experiences in beautiful Los Angeles. As I head into a beautiful evening, I hope to leave you with health, hope, and appreciation for experience.


Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Love you. Enjoyed this post.

Queen Mama Mia said...

You are so amazing! Your writing gets better & deeper every day. I'm glad your realizing, at such a young age that we shouldn't "sweat the small stuff!"

Anonymous said...

Yes..what one man can do, so can another! Bravo Mr.James.