Monday, February 23, 2009

Sensation of home.

I must start this off by addressing the fact that I smile at people; strangers, friends, co-workers and everyone. I often get criticized by those who are with me, especially the shy people. If I can induce any conversation or smiling with another individual, I feel quite grand about it all. I guess you can describe me as Mr. Rogers... Mr. Neighborly. With extended efforts of correspondence, I often get shut down. As much as I respect those who are wrapped up in their own worlds, I get frustrated at the same time. I don't get frustrated for just myself, but for the next ten people this person will snub.

It is so interesting to me how the web of society is strung in this world. We are all so connected, yet so separated. In our social networks, at our homes, at work and on dates we are important to those who are surrounding us. The second we are detached from a familiar place, we become faceless nobodies to those we pass. Not the people who pass me, though, because I recognize that each person I pass has made somebody a better, happier person.

This goes along greatly with those who have found success. Today, in a certain anonymous situation, I was surrounded by very successful business people. I'm talking millionaire business people. Just as I would smile at anyone, I offered a smile to these individuals, and perhaps a few little chatters of small talk. Some of these individuals reciprocated the gesture very kindly, but others, well others, were simply rude. As I peered through the egos of these rich individuals, I saw the soul of a person who sacrificed a lot to earn their positions. A person who, most likely, in the beginning was as common as I...a person who wasn't always so cold shouldered. It hurts my feelings that these people, in the midst of their life, have forgotten so much of who they were. These people would have gained so much of my respect had I known them during their climb, but knowing who they became at the top has made me feel very sorry for them. I guess what I am trying to say is never become too good for those on their rise. Remember that no matter where you stand in this world, the average Joe and Joans of the world are important somewhere.

The owner of my passion right now is song writing. So much so, that every time the elevator closed at work today (I worked the elevators all night) I was jotting lyrics on the back of a piece of scrap paper. Maybe it was being trapped between four metal walls in a very confined space, but escaping my feelings was not an option tonight. As I rode up and down, lyrics poured from my heart.

The next step in this wonderful process is production. Taking these lyrics and intended melodies and putting them to music. Luckily, a friend of mine is an extremely talented musician and has agreed to work with me. The two of us will test out our musical chemistry, ultimately deciding whether we should pursue music together. I have wanted this for as long as I can remember. Being in a band is a goal of mine that I’ve waited for, what seems like, forever. As our musical rendezvous approaches, I am excited to delve into this dream.

A strange sensation took me by surprise the other night, after cooking dinner. I was sitting on the couch, snuggling up in a blanket, and watching a movie. In my own little cushiony cocoon, the sensation of home became present. This was a remarkable find, considering life in LA can be described as pretty un-settling. It has been a long time since I’ve been overcome with the comfort of home and I am excited, perhaps scared, that I feel so right here.

If you’ve ever moved away from the majority of your social life, you will understand what I am talking about here. When you move away, you quickly find who you deeply enjoy, because keeping in touch with EVERYONE is truly unrealistic. You start to find who has captivated your interest the most, as you realize who you talk to more than anyone. As your social life emerges into adult mode, you start to learn what a friend is and how to maintain friendships effectively. As a mature adult, I can admit when someone and I aren’t meant to be friends—but that doesn’t mean we cannot be cordial. I’m realizing each day that I enjoy myself if I am cordial with everyone in the world. I have those who are my friends and I have those who are my acquaintances. I will not fight someone to remain in any of those categories; rather I will treat everyone with respect. I’ve learned not to require too much from someone, as we are all extremely busy in this quick paced world.

I’ve decided to start my own little book club on my blog. I was inspired from a fellow blogger and am excited to get started. If you look on the right side of my blog panel, you will find the current book I am reading. After I complete the book, I will offer a review of the book, ultimately inspiring you to read or not to read.

As I grow more tired with each word I write, I find this important to say before I am fast asleep. It was so great opening my e-mail and having your e-mails filling up my inbox. Thank you to those who have sent me an e-mail, I am excited to respond and get into some great conversation. I will offer my e-mail address again in hopes to talk to more of you personally. is the address, you know what to do!

To all of you, have a fantastic night—take care of yourselves and those around you. Remember, even strangers make somebody smile!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nick. I hope this works - when I tried to leave a comment earlier, it bumped me out. Anyway, the gist of my comment was that I am also a "smiler," a bit of a social butterfly. I like to interact with others, and I find it sad when people like the millionaire become too "important" for others. Oh well...his loss, I say.

The lady in Red said...

Dear Nick, smiling to strangers in some cultures can be badly understood. Once qa man started to talk to me in the park while I was jogging and after my smile he tried to embrace me. Well, I asked what had happened (although Brazilian people like kissing and embrancing, I don´t like kiss and embrace strangers).Finally, the stranger man told me that he had interpret my smile like "come on and kiss me".

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I truely enjoy reading your blog. You are so uplifting. Good for you that you smile and hope for a return smile! I'm always telling my husband there is no point in working overtime if you are missing out on your family by doing so.

When I first moved out of my parents house I learned really quickly that most of my friends weren't true friends. No one could take the time to come see me. Over the years I have lost touch with just about everyone. Now that I am on Facebook I've reconnected with a few but they treat me as just a casual friend, not someone that I told my deepest feelings to for so many years. It's really sad.

loong said...

When you smile, I smile, that’s the deal.
I will not walk past you and not look you in the eyes and not acknowledge you.
Instead we will pass each other and say hello.

Not with our words, for they are not the same; but with our faces.
I meet you and I see there is good in your eyes, there's passion in your heart and there's a friendly hello in your smile.

And for the first time we can relate and appreciate each other.
That’s all it takes, that’s where it starts.
Because I know that you will smile and I will smile and the rest is easy.

Pink Loves Paris said...

I love the way you write Nick!

The way you string your words is delightful, uplifting more than anything! I'll be dropping by often :)

I'm a smiler too, freaks me out not to.

Good luck with the song you're working on!