Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I spent this morning with butterflies in my stomach, as I am so excited to grow into a young adult. I have visions of the life I will lead including my friends, my entertainment, my love life, and how I will earn my living. Although I will continue living in the moment, I am extremely excited to live the future life I will.

The future aside, I will focus on the here and now. Lately I have struggled with the realization that for a long time I am going to be worthless out here. Anyone who has experienced LA knows that a functional life does not happen in day. I need to appreciate the time that I have, because if I choose to build a life here, it may not be so easy. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I am a busy body. I like to be moving around and doing things all of the time. This works for and against me while I'm out here. During my free time (right now I have too much) I like to clean and cook. Cleaning is great, because my roommates genuinely appreciate coming home to a clean apartment. The cooking part is no good, because I am most likely eating a little more than I need to be. Today, for instance, I ate a baked potato, which I find completely out of line. I will work on being a little healthier. Along with eating healthier, I have decided to up my exercises agenda quite a bit.

As I struggle to find purpose in California, I will leave you with well wishes. I apologize for the shortness of this post, as well as the negative tone. I'm feeling very good, just very tired. I have a kitchen to clean and a bed to make. Tomorrow I will share exciting stories about Los Angeles.

My roommate decided that I should share this picture with you. Consider it live footage of me writing this blog. I hope you are smiling...about anything.

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Queen Mama Mia said...

How are those butterflies? Rome wasn't built in a day!