Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Entirely different place.

Something has been on my mind lately and it hit me how profound it really is. I'd imagine there is some variation of this situation in everyone's life, so I hope we can all relate. Isn't it amazing to think how different our lives could be if we could change just one person. We all have a story where someone held us back from something, or altered the way we could have done something. Or perhaps we didn't let that person alter our individuality, but we lose this person in result. For many of us, our lives would be in an entirely different place if that one person didn't act a certain way or think a certain thing. Now, I don't believe in changing people, they are the way they are for a reason, but it is interesting to think what we can accomplish if we simply change someone's mind. As we all enter and leave situations, be conscious to the results you alter by your actions. Inspire yourself to live with an open mind and simply live and let live. This is easier said than done I realize, but it is worth the effort.

Last night I went to the gym with a mission. I had a great run and bike session. I used several of the machines to work on upper body strength. I am currently putting my brain into a boot camp mode. I am going to eat healthier and work harder. There is a way I need to feel and I know that it is in my hands only. I know it is hard, but I am going to do my best to eat the least amount of fatty foods I can. While I'm sure this will raise worry, I am not harming myself in any way. I simply have an image I'd like to fulfill and know that my options are limited to hard work.

I'm excited to have looked further into my education. I will humble myself to admit that my parents and, well everyone were correct about the importance of a degree. Earning a degree has never not been in my goals, however, I pushed it to the wayside. Being out in the rough real world, I am learning how bad I want my broadcast/journalism degree. My options are the following:

A) Get accepted into a school here in California. I am interested in California State University- Long Beach
B) Look into schools in Phoenix, simply because Arizona is my favorite state.
C) Go back to Ohio and finish my educational career at Kent State University.

As far as what will happen, I have not an idea. I am thoroughly exploring all of my options, but I know that before I can progress I need the credentials to go with it. I think I've made my passion for writing and expressing pretty clear- unfortunately, though, I need a degree to prove that I am good enough.

Something else I've wanted to work on is making myself marketable. I don't mean this strictly in the entertainment industry (I feel I am pretty marketable there), but in the entire working world. I feel that versatility is as crucial as oxygen when wanting to have the upper hand. If we rely on a crutch (a single talent) we are technically handicapped. Some of us can walk a little faster with a cruth than others, but the truth remains that nobody on a crutch is as quick as they'd like to be. Academically, I consider myself talented in only one area: Writing. While I love being able to write well, I feel that I could do more. I've worked on a list of things I consider myself confident in and I am making it a daily adventure to add to the list. Whether I take unique classes, or attend seminars, I am going to be as well-rounded as I possibly can.

Along with my list of abilities, I am working my list of goals. Being that I've grown so fond of blogging, I want to take it to the next level. I think I would love to write a book. I've always had ideas floating around in my mind, but I want to put them onto paper. I'm not sure when or how I will start this process, but I think it is a journey I would gain satisfaction from. I don't care if this book ever see's a store shelf, it is just a declaration of my creative passions. When I further my thought process, I will be sure to let everyone know that the work is in progress.

As I focus on the people in my life, fitness and my goals I hope the same for you. I hope nobody is holding you back and that you are free to live the life you enjoy.

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