Friday, February 13, 2009

Catch me.

Early this morning, I went and read many of my past blog posts. I am shocked at how much I am willing to talk solely about myself. In the beginning it wasn't about that at all, but somewhere along the line I fell into the bad habit. I want to use Onward Bound as an apology to all of those who have had to read TOO MUCH about me. The goal of writing this blog was for those who read it to learn about me through my experiences, not through a tell-all tale of my every move. I will continue to write in my style (I write for my own satisfaction too), but I will work on writing about other things as well.

I won't go into details, because I shouldn't fall for the same tricks over again, but the lyrics to a certain song are ringing through my mind.

"There are certain people, you just keep coming back begin to wonder, could you find a better one compared to her now she's in question."
-The Fray, All At Once.

Valentine's season may have me in the spirit, but I can't help but think about falling in love for the first time. My first time was a great experience. Regardless if it be young love or not, it is an experience to live with. It is hard to fall when talking about love and it is harder to stand back up if the adventure ends. That's all.

Yesterday when my phone rang, I never knew how much my spirits could be warmed. Immediately upon answering I recognized a voice from my past that instantly put a smile on my face. Growing up, a few individuals acted as a staple of my development. At a young age, I feel I learned my social abilities from practicing on my parent's friends. Some of these people acted simply as a target of my social experimenting, but others grew into more than that. Yesterday's familiar voice grew into so much more than someone from the past. From a young age, her positive and caring energy acted as a magnet to my admiration. With a fun nickname like "Tricky Nicky," she always taught me so much. Although it has been a long time since we've talked, yesterday's 35 minute phone conversation, although unexpected, reminded me how much I care for her. I told her that time may pass between our conversations, but it never divides how much I think of her. Becky Moll helped me remember how important it is to have people you care about believe in you. She also reassures me that if ever I fall, there are a few special people that will be first in line to catch me.

I can't jinx myself here, but as promised I will tell you how my audition went. It went well! I won't say anymore, because I am truly not getting my hopes up, nor do I want to jinx my chances. All I will confirm is that I am in the running for the job. I will hear more early-mid March. Regardless what happens I am proud of how the audition went. Win or lose, in life, it is times of effort that teach us how strong we really are.

Late last year, I conducted an experiment on a social networking site. I asked all of my contacts to share random facts with me. I though by doing this I would, not only learn, I would get a better idea of who my friends are. In efforts to not talk just about myself, I am going to conduct the information again and post it to Onward Bound. I will obtain the random facts from the social networking site again, but I would love to hear from my readers too! Please share a random fact about anything!

Last night I was lucky enough to attend an LA King's game. I love going to sporting events and I get VERY into them. Unfortunately the King's lost the game, but they played well. As cool as the game was (not just because of the ice [yes I said it!]), the Staples Center was equally amazing. The arena is so nice and I felt lucky enough to enjoy it. Go Kings!

I have plenty to get done today before heading to work, so I will conclude here. I hope you have a fantastic and eventful (or relaxing) weekend.

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