Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Use ability.

Venturing through the city today was an excellent experience. I realized that for the past two months I’ve neglected to stray from a path I know so well. I follow two main roads to get to anywhere I need to walk to. Not today, though, when I saw a farmers market set up down an entire street. I excitedly left my typical trail and crowded in with all of the people. Fresh fruits and vegetables were in the surplus, and the colorful foods allowed it to be a flashy scene. My new interest in cooking and food made the entire experience all the more exciting. Vendors screaming in hopes to gain attention, folks nibbling on the freshest of produce, and an overall energy of excitement in the air consumed my focus for several minutes. It was like visiting a fair, without the screams of little ones and rattles of old amusement rides. Unfortunately, I am a plastic man and don’t regularly carry cash with me, so my enjoyment of this market was purely visual, however, I am contemplating gearing up and heading that way again before day’s end.

Towards the end of the market was the entrance to the Los Angeles Public Library. The natural flow of pedestrian traffic seemed to guide me to the front doors, so I stepped inside to take a look. I expected to see a typical library copious with books, the silence of individuals educating themselves on several topics and that smell of old paper. Just like most things in Los Angeles, I was very wrong. I walked in, only to find a palace. This several-storied (haha pun) library was full of people, art, culture and escalators stringing it all together. I wasn’t exactly on schedule for the day forcing me to head home, but the Los Angeles Public Library is absolutely on my list of places to investigate.

As you may recall, I was in the running for a modeling gig in PA, which would ultimately grant me a reason to visit home. Unfortunately, those familiar streets will have to continue on without me, because I didn’t get the position. As much of a great experience as it would have been, I’m more upset that I don’t get to go visit Cleveland.

I am in no means homesick, but there are several things left behind that I would love to visit again. First and foremost, I would love to see my family. Obviously I would love to see my friends. Mostly, though, I would love to go visit the familiar place with my new, more experienced, perspective. Oh well, I will just have to wait a little longer.

As you know, one of my latest projects includes a short film produced and directed by my roommate. This started off as a nice gesture, but turned into a huge learning experience. Learning aside, it turned into a great feeling as I called our actors to return for callbacks and heard how excited they were. It made me proud to work on something that jolted the spirits of these talented individuals. I look forward to working with them further this Saturday.

I like the way projects emulate life. Each factor that goes into a project ultimately guides it to completion. Each person you meet in life helps guide you through the journey. Each of us has our own experiences and bits of knowledge, that when we put them together the journey becomes more unique. No two people can share the exact same experience as another two people; for we are all different in the way we learn and use ability. Each time I am together with someone, I am happy to know that it is an experience that only I can share.

In terms of meeting people, I am learning the challenges of doing so right now. Being thousands of miles away from the friendships I’ve built over the years, I find myself lonely quite often. I am extremely outgoing, and pretty settled when it comes to meeting and talking with people. I can go to a party and successfully chat with whomever I run into, but I find that my conversations never turn into friendships. I’ve met some great people here that I would call acquaintances, but I feel that I fail when it comes to presenting me as someone with something to offer. I know I’m not intimidating, stupid, or socially awkward, but for some reason I don’t have appeal when it comes to forming friendships. This is upsetting, not because I think I’m supposed to be popular, because I know I have a lot of positivity and fun to offer. It has only been two months, so I know that I’ll find some great people who will get to know me.

Meeting people also goes along with the idea that it is not what you know in life, but who you know. While I agree with that a lot, I refuse to sit comfortably on my abilities and wait for someone to get me where I need to be. I am too competitive to be confident, so I will continue to work hard at honing my talent and perfecting my skill, while networking out here in Los Angeles.
For now I am out of thoughts. I have a huge apartment to clean, a dinner to plan, work to do and a gym to hit. I hope that everyone is finding enjoyment in their journey right now. Take care!


Anonymous said...

A farmer's market and a library all in one day! Sounds like my perfect day. I know what you mean about forming friendships. I'm going through that right now as well.

findingmywingsinlife said...

"I like the way projects emulate life. Each factor that goes into a project ultimately guides it to completion. Each person you meet in life helps guide you through the journey. Each of us has our own experiences and bits of knowledge, that when we put them together the journey becomes more unique."

I couldn't have said it better myself Nick! When you get the chance...come read up on the next story project!

Triana said...

I absolutely cannot resist a good street market or fair. I love the people, the atmosphere, everything. Especially Farmer's Markets, fresh veggies & fruits cannot be beaten.

Ah, the Library. My sanctuary, if u will. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished in the library. Well, except for THAT. But THAT aside, I LOVE libraries. They are not the stigma that normally is associated.

Adventures... yes, they make life worth living. Journeys, adventures, experiences, and good friends to enjoy them with. Making friends is simple, yet difficult at the same time. It requires attuning yourself to your surroundings & also those surrounding you. You have time, and obviously are getting somwhere. It will come to you. Good luck! Not that it sounds like you need it at all though.

Natalie said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me as well.xx

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read you had been to the Farmers Market, and immediately got a mental picture of you starring on "Iron Chef America!" That would be so awesome!

As for the friends thing...remember the city you are living in! There is more than a little pretension in that town. Don't take it personally if the acquaintances don't turn into friendship. This is not about you - it is about them!

As usual, LOVED your post!

The Funny one said...

I think that we are all in agreement, that Farmer's Markets and libraries rock. I love Farmer's Markets because of all the colors and all the boxes of fruits and veggies. Plus they are usually a little messy, which I like, because it's so different from the clean, orderly aisles of packaged products in the supermarket.
I love going to an unfamiliar library. I get to figure out how the place is organized, and I love walking down the aisles of bookshelves scanning author's names for the ones I recognize. Plus the artwork, and the big displays of culture. I prefer the stairs to the elevator.

honkeie2 said...

What is this cash you speak of. My visa/check card is my friend!
And I can walk into any party and walk away with tons of friends and phone numbers I will probably never call.