Saturday, February 21, 2009

Conflicting with my desire.

Today has been a day that I earned the greatest amount of wisdom that I've come across in quite a bit of time. My roommate, a digital film student, held auditions. These auditions were both fun and informative. As a performer, I've stood on the side of a table where I was judged and assessed. Today, as the casting director, I was on the side of the table where I assessed and determined. This wasn't a power gain for me, rather an ability to "walk a mile in the casting directors shoes." It was so beneficial to gain insight as to what the employers I so often pursue are looking for. I was able to see the passion and desire of the actors as they poured their heart out into the characters. I offered each actor a smile and an assurance of my understanding--encouraging them to kick back and relax. I feel so much more informed as to how to conduct a proper audition. To apply this to life, I've learned how crucial it is to walk a mile in someone elses shoes. You can learn, not only about the individual, but about how you are perceived; ultimately making you a more informed person. It was somewhat like looking in the mirror. I encourage everyone to go on the other side of the table and pay attention to how it is you could possibly be viewed.

Take that advise, because as I am learning--all of life is a huge casting call. People meet you, they determine your personality type and capabilities; then you get placed into certain stereotypes--roles, if you will. I don't condone this type of person placement, but I do realize it happens. The life is our stage--what character will you play?

As much as I enjoyed being on that side of the table, it boosted my eagerness to jump back on the other. It is so much more fulfilling to work hard and impress than to judge the impression of others. This has taught me that acting in student films isn't a bad thing, rather, extremely important in the development in many crucial skills. I am definetly going to sign up for some auditions as soon as possible!

Today marked our third weekly pancake breakfast, but I raised the bar this morning. We worked hard today, so I wanted to make a true breakfast for a champion. Look and get hungry.

This morning on the breakfast menu was as follows:

Pancakes served with roasted almonds and a banana compote, maple sausage (an organic brand of sausage), and a delicious egg quiche! I was impressed with myself, I must say--especially since work let out at around 2:30AM. My co-workers were really happy and we got through the auditions with great force.

Today the sky is overcast, the weather is gloomy--and it is conflicting with my desire to be inspired today. The past three days, I must admit, I have not been in the greatest of moods and it is affecting the way I am treating my friends. I need to step out of this funk.

As I selfishly go about in a funk, I must return a mention from an individual who knows what it means to live. An individual who can rightfully look at me and hate me for being in a funk. I think she is such a remarkable and positive individual who has had her life tested, yet she remains positive. Audrey, you are great and so is your story.

With such a mention, I couldn't help but choose now to introduce my first ever blog award that I created. The title of the award is The Onward Award. Those who receive it will have inspired individuals to move society forward with positivity, perseverence, and an honest heart.

I want to award three bloggers with the first ever award. The individuals I choose are the following.

Stage 3! Who, me? -When life handed her a challenge, she chose to not let it define the person she has become. She has remained positive and has the ability to recognize the things that have gotten her through tough times.

Musings from the deep- Instantly upon entering her blog page, you get a sense of tranquility. She uses her own experience to point out truths of society.

Firing up the Canon- When things seemed the most difficult, she remained positive and made her situation better than ever. She chose not to sulk in her difficulties, but to make them into new adventures.

The Passionate Bookworm- She has accepted change and understands that life changes. Instead of fearing the change, she made her new experiences as rich as possible.

M.IV- Anyone who reads Clay's blog can instantly see he has an impact on people. With several dedicated followers, Clay's brilliant writing delivers a sense of emotion to each and every reader.

I am excited about the new winners and trust that they will help deliver this award to those who deserve it. I won't set an amount of people who need to receive this award, because I feel that they must truly deserve it! Congrats!

Everyone, take care today. Understand that in my world, you don't have to be any certain person to fit in. All characters are welcome, as long as they are portrayed with truth.


mis(ter)understood said...

another great post!
the end of your first paragraph and the second paragraph are exactly what I was trying to explain to you in that email the other day, but couldn't. about the survey, to trying and see how i am perceived by others.. I still have not figured out how to do it. I guess that it does not matter as we should always try to be and to project the best that we can, but I am still curious to know how I am doing, like a report card of sorts?

Lisa said...

wow- such depth to this post- all life is a casting call for the world stage.
beautifully written xx

Natalie said...

Well said, Nick!
"All charcters are welcome, as long as they are portrayed with truth."
That in a nutshell, is my life philosophy. :D

Thanks for the award too, I really don't feel like I deserve this one, butI thank you very much, it is appreciated.x

Snowbrush said...

I loved the Onward poster, and the picture did indeed make me hungry.

Queen Mama Mia said...

Nickie, you are becoming quite a culinary artist. How awesome that you were able to experience the position of casting director. I love your modesty! Honey, I would take a cloudy overcast day compared to this snow and 20 degree temps. Hang in there and count your blessings. Fab post!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Very nice post! Looking forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Nick, I am honored by this award.

Anonymous said...

Nick, you have no idea how much this award means to me. Especially because I know it was so heartfelt. I actually got teary eyed as I read what you wrote. I've decided to sit on this for awhile and really ponder who I think this award would be best handed to. Thank you so much.

Barry said...

That's one heck of a breakfast, Nick!

I can understand how valuable that experiences was for you, stepping out of your subject experience as an actor into the objective judgment of casting director.

I know most of those receiving your award and can only applaud the wisdom of your choice. They are all excellent writers and generous human beings.