Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today my roommate and I were driving home. We passed an American Idol sign, and the hilarity that followed was great. The following was my roommate’s reaction to the sign.

Roommate: Nick it’s an American Idol sign!

Nick: What a great show, I just love it.

Roommate: I’m going to hurry home so you can blog about it! Take a picture!

Nick: (half denying the truth in his statement) whatever!

Roommate: I’m Nick, living in LA. I’m going to be something and here is why! (Mocking my OB writing style).

Nick: (Laughs out of control, with tears running down his cheeks).

Although I was being mocked, I understand how funny this conversation was. I’m a natural born cheese ball. I can make something out of nothing and it often times is looked upon pretty awkwardly. Perhaps I don’t offer anything tangible in my blogs, but I just can’t help but to express something that excites me. I’m often called dramatic, girly, or crazy for allowing myself to get so excited. Truth is—I’m a happy guy. Things make me happy; big or small.

Today the sun was shining, and summer was in the air. This is such a treat, because in Ohio I’d still be getting used to the winter. A friend here in LA is in the process of moving, so I joined Ian in helping him move. It was a great time—a group of people working to help each other out. A driving force is so much more intense when multiple people are sharing a goal. Not to mention, it felt great to have a social life again. So great, that I agreed to eat out TWICE today. Not only is that completely out of my budget, but it is a ridiculous health choice. Oh well, I wouldn’t compromise forming friendships for petty things.

Romance sucks. I’m not good at it and I’m not willing to get better. I can determine how I feel, but I can’t convince myself to pursue it. Perfect people walk up to me, but I let them walk by. It is obnoxious, but the fact is…romance sucks. I’m not good at it and I’m not willing to get better (noted repetition). Romance will come for me in 20 years, when I am mentally able to handle it. There is so much to get done while I am young—I cannot let my desire for something so pretentious burden my potential. I had what I consider ideal, and now everything else seems to fall short. I’m 20; I’m young—why worry.

With so many of your posts to go read and think about, I am going to end mine short tonight. Some days are good for teaching, others are good for learning. Tonight, I will learn from you.

Take care and sorry for the lousy post,
Nick James.


J9 said...

Nick, I love following your blog and I appreciate the change in background as my eyes became very tired reading the white text on black background!

Wild Woman in the Wild Woods said...

Romance may be pretentious, but true love is not. I hope you will be able to find out for yourself one day.

Natalie said...

Whatever the mood the Nick is in - I like the boy!xx

Anonymous said...

Nick, thank you for your comments on my site, really appreciate your feedback.

Really like your style of writing and will be back to check in when you post.

Take care


Indrayani aka, Indi! said...

Hahaha.. this post made me smile :)

Lisa said...

romance is only one part of love, so stay open to the others......
lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Nick, I love following your blog! Love will come - just remain open to it. And keep being the "happy guy." Your happiness is contagious.

Anonymous said...

one of the biggest things i love about your blog is that you write about things you love. You write for yourself, and we all share in your journey. I almost shut down my blog, because I ventured away from that and started feeling pressure(self inflicted) to write what others wanted to hear. Keeping it real, Nick!
You're awesome. Dont think for a second, we dont learn a thing or two from you too!!

Anonymous said...
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findingmywingsinlife said...

"Today the sun was shining, and summer was in the air. This is such a treat, because in Ohio I’d still be getting used to the winter"

Nick, I can completely relate to that statement...I'm still here in Indiana and still trying to get used to winter myself....ugh, I HATE cold weather..

Pavitra said...

Glad and jealous at the same time that you are enjoying the wonderful sun. I am still not used to all the snow falling here.

I need a vacation!

Anonymous said...

It so great to be able to laugh at one self. I do it all the time!
So, not a lousy post. If you want a lousy post check out mine:) Thanks for the encouraging comments. They really do mean a lot to me:)

honkeie2 said...

Nothing worng with getting happy over nothing, hell dont ever lose that! And romance is over rated. Who needs romance when you have anime, internet porn and blow up dolls?

Anonymous said...

You know what I love about your blog? The fact that it's real. It doesn't have to be enlightening all the time or 'tangible' because for me, it shows me that other people out there are going though the same things I am.

Snowbrush said...

Romance is sure there in a marriage (or should be), but it's hardly the prevailing sentiment. Most of the time, you're more like business partners just trying to get things done.

Queenet said...

I can feel the endorphines flying as you write about your experience with your friend! Laughter is sooo good for the soul.

Your only 20 years old, love will come when you least expect it and women cost alot of money! So stay cool my dear.

As I put on my sweater, hooded parka, coat, 180's, scarf and gloves, I dream of the awesome weather your experiencing. Actually I'm ready to run away from home -- we hit 7 degress last night here in Ohio. Ugh!!

Keep blogging your writings are amazing and yes, we can learn from each other. Love you!

Ace C said...

Romance is overrated. Let keep passing you by. It'll happened when it supposed to happen.

Wildeve said...

Nick, I love your honesty. There is a big discussion about romantic love and other kinds of love over at the Gold Puppy (Reya Meliker's) blog right now. Some very interesting stories and perspectives. You can find the link on my blog if you're interested. Thanks for your visits-I love hearing from you.