Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Everything I am going to end up learning.

I will start off with the first bit of exciting news. As we all know, history took place this year when Barack Obama was elected as the President of the United States. Regardless your empathy towards or opinions on politics, the making of history is inevitably happening. Earlier this week I was standing in the elevator of my apartment only to find a sign informing residents of the complete block of the roads surrounding our apartment. No specifics were offered, not a single clue. As two and two often create a simple equation, so did the answer as to why the roads were going to be closed. Barack Obama is paying a visit to Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. One of these areas includes the high school that sits right under the balcony of my apartment. I am thrilled at the thought of seeing the President’s motorcade and all of the commotion.

My schedule has continued to grow more jam packed, as well as the demand for my full efforts. Working eight hours a day is a very fortunate requirement bestowed upon me, however, I am exhausted. Luckily, however, the more I work, the more I am able to afford what I need to pursue my dreams. Tomorrow I will be auditioning for MTV’s dating show, Parental Control. Although it is not exactly the route I want to pursue, I know that the benefits of my presence are undeniable. Not only will I learn more about auditioning, I will be face to face with the casting directors of an extremely respected, professional network.

Friday is by far one of the most exciting adventures I’ve come across in Los Angeles. I am shooting my first set of professional headshots in two years. Not only am I shooting these headshots, I am lucky enough to be working with such an experienced photographer. After having a long conversation with him on the phone today, I realized that he cares more about getting me on the right track than he does making money. I also get to rest in the comfort that he is a close friend to someone I consider a close friend. He said that he has already placed several phone calls to highly respected agencies. Ladies and gentlemen, step one is only days away. The first legitimate step towards my dreams is going to happen and I could not be more thrilled.

Although I am working more, I still find my demand for money growing higher and higher. Realistically, I need to get myself in a position to afford my own place, a car, car insurance, gas and all of my extra expenses that allow me to live somewhat decently. While I am willing to sacrifice many of the amenities I am used to, I still feel stressed and unsure of how I will come close to accomplishing this. This month alone, I can think of $1,300 worth of absolutely necessary costs. It makes me panicked to think that I am running myself into such a steep hole and such a young age. If this isn’t a testament of my determination, I’m not exactly sure what is.

With Arizona only a few weeks away, I cannot help but feel anxious and excited to get out of the fast paced environment that is Los Angeles. Arizona is an oasis to me; ironically a very HOT oasis. When I am there, my stresses seem to fade and I am able to get in touch with myself again. Not to mention, “Aunt” Karen is my biggest cheerleader and always leaves me feeling capable of it all! It will be an interesting trip, as Ian, my roommate, will be joining me. The Morton’s were nice enough to open their doors, not only to me, to my roommates. BWI rejected the offer, but Ian is more than excited to see a new place.

Back to Los Angeles and the rest of this week. I somehow need to manage, on top of working 8 hours, getting a bank account set up, a haircut, a rent check, my photo shoot money and groceries. I type all of this with a smile on my face, because I know that this experience is going to help me grow up.

I touched base on this briefly, but I feel the need to chat about my new job. I LOVE IT! I work with an absolutely great team of folks at an absolutely great restaurant. I get a taste of everything I love about food establishments. I get to start the day off talking to customers and helping them decide what to eat. I get to move to the coffee station and make delicious blends of espresso, coffee, hot, frozen, and delicious specialty drinks (takes me back to my favorite job at the Octane CafĂ©, a coffee shot I worked at when I was 16). Around 12:00, the place is pouring with people while I expedite food, and taking care of customers. I seriously enjoy everything about the job, including everything I am going to end up learning. Hi, I’m Nick Belardo—welcome to Panera Bread.

Folks, as I take one giant step for myself, I hope you find yourself progressing towards wherever you want to be. Dreams happen and reality can be great. I wish you all the very, very best.

Take care pals,

Nick James


Darin said...

Giant step..
I wish I could do that. Your life seems interesting and I can't lie that I jealous here :)

Ok, Nick, wish u luck too. Keep sharing your experience!

Natalie said...

I am SO proud of you, Nick!
So Vitamin B is related to you then?
I think I can see a resemblance in your smiles.

Good luck, I am so excited for you, as we all are. You Go Boy!!!!xx

just me said...

You are like the happiest person I have ever come across.

How do we know you're not a robot created by the government?

Anonymous said...

Now THAT was a "Nick" post! Love it! Good luck with all of the goings on this week. And I am so happy that Arizona will be happening soon for you!

Lisa said...

everything sounds pretty damn good Nick- most excellent indeed xx

Breeze said...

Thank you for following my blog Nick! Just read your post and I'm going to follow yours as well...

I immediately got the feeling that you are going to do big and important things, call it an inspiration or an intuition but something wonderful is coming your way. Keep going towards the dream, hold the vision, infinite patients brings immediate resulsts as they say!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant work, hang tight Nick, your finances will settle--It is good that you keep your wits about you, and at age 20, you have gobs of time to accumulate wealth--you just watch.

~Sheila~ said...

I've got to say, you are quite an excellent character.
From the moment I first started reading your blog (I read a lot from the beginning) I knew that you were the type of person who would be an excellent role model.
Not just for everyone (because you ARE) but specifically for my son (my children).
You've got a great head on your shoulders. I want Dom to be able to read how your life unfolds and realize that he CAN do anything HE sets HIS mind to do.
I encourage him to read and comment because it encourages him to express his opinion.
Thank You!

Also, Parental Control...I've seen that.
I look forward to seeing you try to jack someone's girl from them while making cheezy comments in the end. (Don't worry, I'm cheezy too. Cheezy is what makes people smile...if only for a moment.)

I used to wait tables. I won't say I'd do it again (at my age) but the feeling of collecting money all day off of the tables....LOVED IT!
Now I'm like...just put it in my account.

The Funny one said...

Awesome! You got a job at Panera Bread! Nice to meet you Mr. Belardo! Who came up with that name, you or your boss? Or is it actually your real name, and James is a middle name or something? I'm all mixed up.

I was actually in the same room as Barack Obama once, albeit in a stadium filled with thousands of other people, about a week or so before the election. I'm thrilled for you.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for you Nick!! You know what you want, and you are pursuing it! Your family has to be very very proud! Will you post your photo's once done? It's good exposure!! :--)
LOVE Panera- our office eats there once a week!!
You are an exceptional young man!! May the best come your way!!!

Queenet said...

Oh Nickie, I'm so proud of you as always -- your life is successfully unfolding daily like a caterpillar into a butterfly!!
Good luck in all your ventures. I knew you could do it! You are becoming quite the "man!" Love you, Aunt Elaine

Vitamin B-Lardo said...


On the road to success you are....I'm so very proud of you.

I mean it.

Call me this weekend and tell me about everything.

Snowbrush said...

Hey, I'm delighted that your new job is working out, and I hope you can relax and enjoy your vacation.

"I still find my demand for money growing higher and higher."

Ain't it the truth. Ain't it the truth!

findingmywingsinlife said...

wonderful for you! You're gonna get yourself where you want to be, just wait and see.
You know I find irony in the fact that you moved to LA to find your dreams and my other blog friend Alan (Enharmonic Intervals) moved away from there to find makes me think on how we each have different paths we must follow.

You have my full support as a friend rooting for your success.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

That's so awesome Nick.......I'm so very pleased for you!!
You follow your dreams honey. Don't ever stop........pursue happiness my friend and you'll never lack for something to do :)
Hope your weekend is filled with much love, joy and laughter and....

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Breeze said...

and I can't believe I spelled patience the wrong way...came back to see if you'd updated and noticed my

Can't wait to see how it's going for you


Ace C said...

You seem to have one busy schedule man. I don't know how you keep up because I'm tired just reading about all things you have coming up. Hope it all goes well for you.