Thursday, March 12, 2009


After a 2:00AM return from work at the club, last night, I found my brain pounding away, excited for the first day of filming for BWI’s film. This morning, March 12th, 2009, I woke up extremely early. With an apartment in need of cleaning, setup and preparation, BWI’s crew was up and ready. After fueling up on quite a few cups of morning brew, productivity was at the maximum. Our lead was the only actor required for today’s schedule and he did great. I will refer to him as A. Max. A. Max is a light hearted, guy’s guy who came to LA with a dream just like mine. His sense of humor made the 9 hour day more enjoyable. He and I discussed, and we are confident that a friendship will be present in the future. After picking up two car loads of expensive filming equipment, the apartment went from home to studio in one day. Camera’s attached to C-Stands hung about the ceilings of our bedrooms and living room, and extremely bright film lights made the place unbearably bright. We all joked about the feeling of being on a reality show—I, of course, was in my own form of heaven. Although I would pick performance every day, I am so happy to have seen this side of production. With two more days of filming, twelve hours each, I am sure I will have much more to learn. Unfortunately, I was invited to three auditions this Saturday. As of now, I may not be attending, for I have prior commitments. If BWI feels he can go on without me for a few hours, I will excitedly pursue these opportunities.

This Sunday, I will be going to live Karaoke with two of our actors. I am extremely excited; I have not sung my heart out in too long! I will take plenty of pictures and introduce you to my new friends.

As I told you earlier, I am extremely excited to be visiting Phoenix, next month, for Easter! Another trip may be on the itinerary for late March. Very good friends of mine, from the station I hosted for, are planning a trip to NYC. We have a co-worker there who has invited all of us to stay at her place, right in the heart of the city. My plan is to fly to NYC, meet up with my pals and drive back to Ohio to visit the family. Nothing has been booked, but I am excited at the thought of that entire trip.

Obviously lately, my ex somehow managed to snag my attention again, although she wasn’t even trying. She and I don’t speak, but I get to keep tabs on her through social networking sights. I don’t look to keep tabs on her, but this particular site broadcast pictures of her all over my page. I don’t’ want to delete her friendship, but I hate seeing her with her new found love.

Slowly moving on from her, again, I am starting to notice the heart of another girl in my life. My first year of high school was a time to remember, especially when Booger (her nickname) came into my life. We never dated, officially, but we both shared a great connection. Over the years, I’d like to say her and I have experienced many of life’s journeys; as friends and romantics. Although our road has been rocky, she is always the one standing there at the end of the day. I couldn’t even imagine my life, partially, without her in it. Should I just marry her? I’m only kidding, but, who knows, maybe one day. I got a letter from her today and she stole my heart with the following closing lines:

Will you plan a visit home? PLEASE! Until then, keep knocking ‘em dead in Cali baby.

As soon as I read her letter, I wanted to jump on a plane and fly home to her. She has a huge heart and I am so lucky to have held a spot in there for so long. I’m starting to realize that I’ve been looking too far for something great; she has been under my nose all along. Whether we are friends forever, or potential spouses, Booger is a great woman.

I am extremely tired. Last night started late, this morning started early and hasn’t stopped yet—I read all of your blogs today, thanks! I hope you enjoyed my comments, I know I enjoy all of yours.

Take care my great friends.

Nick James


Lisa said...

wow- sounds like a busy, important day- good for you
rest snow, so you can do it all again tomorrow x

~Sheila~ said...

I hope you DO get a chance to go to some of those auditions on Saturday. Good Luck to you!

Booger sounds just like the person you need. I hope it works out for you in the long run and that you get to visit!! Good luck with her too.

Have a good day tomorrow!!
Get as much rest as you can!

Natalie said...

Go the boogie,woogie baby! She sounds like a keeper, but you are young still. :D
Wishing you all my best hugs for all you wish to achieve in the next little while.xx

Reggie Girl said...

What a sweet letter from your lady friend!!! She sounds very charming and lovely. Booger you call her? Well, I suppose that's better than a lot of other really wierd nicknames that I've heard :)
Good luck on those auditions........break a leg buddy!!!
Wishing you a weekend filled with love, joy and laughter.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Ace C said...

Crazy how some Exes you can't get rid of. It's life.

Anonymous said...

Ok, first of all Nick, I for one LOVE to read your comments. Just as much as I love reading your blog! Thank you for posting a comment every time!
Next...I LOVE BOOGER. And I love your attitude about her - no matter what, you have an amazing friend!
Third, I love all of your hopes and dreams. I want them all to become reality for you - you deserve it!

Frankie Anon said...

With a name like Booger, she's got to be a keeper. I hope you make some of the auditions...keep us posted.

J9 said...

It's true that we often fall for a person from "back home", but that doesn't mean you can't find love in such a far flung place.!

Snowbrush said...

I surely hope I get to see that film someday...

Anonymous said...

"I don’t’ want to delete her friendship, but I hate seeing her with her new found love. "--Ha! I understand that feeling.

Arron said...

Chees for the comment.
Love your blog, seems like you're living the dream. Good work. You have a new follower here.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Booger. Such a wonderful nick name lol.