Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When the ball starts rolling.

You know those moments in life that pass you by and leave you with feeling that air has hit your lungs for the first time? Something that has bogged you down consistently, beating and bruising your ability to process thought and function emotionally, but as soon as it is resolved you feel as though winter’s snow has melted into a warm, sunny spring day. Those are the moments where perspective is learned. Those are the moments that take average endeavors and turn them into life altering revelations. They teach us that although our surroundings were shaded by natures course, beauty and comfort lie beneath, waiting for us to believe in their ability to return again. It is an incredible eye opener when a place you’ve rested so long turns out to have been the most breathtaking place you’ve never noticed. Perhaps true appreciation in certain location does not lie in what is clearly offered, rather in the joy you find after re-visiting. My soul had been re-visiting a certain place, and the folks I’ve met along the way are helping me to respect myself, with no regard to what others may think. The paramount retrieval is that I am courageous and brave for trying, and that I can return to where I came from with nobility, experience, and new perspective. My near future is in thought process, but whenever the ball starts its journey down the hill, I know I will take the ride with absolute respect for myself, and confidence that I am, no matter what direction, headed towards the right path to happiness


infinitelymoretosay said...

Once again, love your optimism. I just wish I could feel the same way about life, I guess it depends on when and where you are. Right now I'm in a ditch and I can't seem to get out. Oh well that's life.

Anonymous said...

I've been feeling like that today. Like a huge weight is lifted off and I feel like even though I'm still in the same place I was yesterday, it somehow isn't so bad and that this is just another experience in life that is ultimately 'good for me.'

Natalie said...

Yes, Passionate Book Worm, me too.

Nick, I just love you. You are profoundly wise for your age, and I respect you so much. You will never be any less than Mr. Wonderful in my eyes.xx

Lisa said...

beautiful post nick- you have so much old soul energy about you.
how wise will you be at 40 ?
Lisa x

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Natalie and Lisa! You really are a quite incredible young man!!!! I believe in you, and just KNOW you will be OK. Life is about learning. You give 100%, and that will come back to you. Believe!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of this brilliant post is when you talk about respect for self and confidence. Nick, with those two things alone, you will climb mountains!
Big hugs to you!

Barry said...

I have confidence in youy too Nick. You have too much wisdom not to know the right path when that balls starts rolling.

As it always does, although seldom on our timetable.

Terri T said...

I have to confess...it absolutely makes my day that you comment on on blog so frequently. I cannot remember the last time I genuinely smiled from comments so much!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! PS- I LOVE your blog too- it always gives me insight and leaves me thinking!

Wildeve said...

Hi Nick, Just getting caught up on your blog, enjoying your insights.
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Wildeve said...

I have a link on my page, too.

Anonymous said...

Splendid. You see what happens when you inspire others? They will never allow you to fail--never. I believe that is the redeeming aspect of humanity; our tenacity.

~Sheila~ said...

"The paramount retrieval is that I am courageous and brave for trying, and that I can return to where I came from with nobility, experience, and new perspective"


You couldn't have put it better. I think the fact that you are on your own and trying is testament to that statement.
I hope I can raise my children to believe that too.

P.S. I told my son that I want him to read your blog.
He could really use some inspiration.