Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday kind of love.

I want a Sunday kind of love. Sunday’s make me so entirely relaxed. This Sunday, especially, has me feeling very happy. I woke up and prepared a perfect breakfast. I made the usual: Pancakes, sausage, turkey bacon, eggs, yogurt & banana parfaits, and, of course coffee. As usual, here is a little taste.

After breakfast I got cozy in my pajamas. I poured myself a cup of coffee and read my favorite blogs. As I was reading, it hit me…I read all of your blogs, everyday. As a testament to my enjoyment, I comment all of the blogs that I read. I hope you know how much I enjoy reading what you write. This brings me back to why I love Sunday’s so much. I can sit in my PJ’s and feel relaxed. I ran around all week and can finally feel content with sitting down. On other days, I live for the chase.

I live for the moments in life where hope chases reality. You can feel it in your gut. As reality tires, hope picks up its pace and life begins. Perhaps not begins, but is enhanced by the feeling of pursuit. The chase may end by one falling over the other, but at least the race was run.

With a new job beginning tomorrow, I am excited to continue running life's race.

Tonight our actors are coming over for rehearsal. This will be exciting, because our video director is flying in tonight and will be joining the process. I'm wrapped up in this project and am excited for each step of the process.

Today's post is going to be short, because I have to get to the gym before my day truly begins. Take care friends.

Nick James


Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Bring me some of that breakfast. I'm too tired to get up and eat anything. And I'm very hungry.

Keep blogging.

Love, Your big sis.

Dave King said...

I, on the other hand, could never eat all that. For me that would have to be lunch. Tasty, all the same.

Natalie said...

Enjoy your day and your first day at work tomorrow.We will be thinking of you.xx

Good job on the breakie.

Anonymous said...

Nick, I wish you SO much good luck tomorrow. I know that it will go well!
Have fun tonight! Oh, and I hope that your roommates appreciate all of the work you put into your beautiful food creations. Your pics always make me hungry!

Snowbrush said...

You eat all that and then go to the gym! Wow. I wouldn't be able to CRAWL to the bathroom, much less DRIVE somewhere to exercise.

I look forward to hearing how the job goes.


Ace C said...

I have that same problem. I always feel like I need to comment and read every blog that I start. The breakfast looks really good. I wish I had a roommate like you. Instead of breakfast I get dirty dishes.

infinitelymoretosay said...

wow that looks good, its a huge difference compared to what I make which always happens to turn out black and burnt for some reason.
I do too love Sundays (:

~Sheila~ said... for me.
Sat... priorities.

That's exactly what we did! we went to the beach.

The breakfast looks wonderful. Dom has been wanting "Brinner" (breakfast for dinner). I told him that we can arrange that.

Good Luck tomorrow!!
I am excited to know how it turns out.

Barry said...

I enjoy Sundays for the same reason (well not the breakfast, but the free time to visit blogs). The variety of topics and the quality of writing on blogger is just amazing!

And of course yours is one of the best.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

What a yummy breakfast! My husband likes to make a big breakfast on the weekends. Sadly he's gone this weekend :( So we had cereal because that is what the little man wanted lol.

Good luck on your first day of work tomorrow!

I enjoyed a nice mellow day today of napping with some cleaning.

honkeie2 said...

Omg! Did you eat all that by yourself? I know I could have in about 2 bites lol!