Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Things You Deserve.

I will share a conversation I had today that is absolutely worth note. My roommate, who I will refer to as BWI, handled my current situation as follows.

NJ- Hey BWI, I think I am going to move back to Cleveland.

BWI- Uh, why?

NJ- Things just aren’t working out here, it isn’t logical for me to stay.

BWI- Ha, I knew you’d eventually prove me right.

NJ- Huh?

BWI- Nick, shut up with your failure attitude. You are starting Monday at my work (he runs a restaurant) and you are going to make it happen. Don’t be another failure.

NJ- BWI, thank you.

Apparently my run here is followed by several people who want me to stay and believe I can make something of it. If that conversation wasn’t a kick in the butt, I don’t know what is!

Today was a simple day. Two fellows are in from Ohio visiting one of my roommates. While he was at work, I spent time cooking and working out with them. It is nice to see some outside, but familiar faces.

After that BWI and I went to the hardware store and Target to pick up some odds and ends for the apartment. I bought something that I’ve wanted for a little while being out here. I purchased a beautiful and shiny crock pot. How cool is that? I can now make so many more recipes and feed my roommates more economically. I am excited for tomorrow to come just so I can start!

As of lately, to make use of my free time, I’ve been working on some independent projects. Naturally writing seems to be the cornerstone to most of my mini-projects. Today I have been drafting out my own line of greeting cards. For obvious reasons I won’t share what I’ve written, but I can tell you a little bit about my concept. I want to call the line of cards “The Things You Deserve.” They are “cutesy” sing-song poems that portray love as a cheesy and giddy fairytale. With titles such as “1 Year, Dear!” and “Falling towards love,” I believe these cards will appeal to those who have a playful and fun romance. As far as pursuing this further, I’m not sure how, but it is really fun to write. I will keep you updated with my progression.

Obviously, I am a HUGE fan of American Idol. As a faithful follower and idol wannabe, I value my knowledge and experience with the show. This season, with its new format and new faces, has yet to blow my mind. I believe in the artist on the show, but I cannot fathom what goes through their mind guiding them to their song choices. There is an age limit on the show, obviously so the talent is somewhat young. I believe in ballots and soulful songs, but if an artist is young, I want to see them be young! I have my favorites, and am interested to see what comes from this season. Any thoughts from fellow fans?

Tomorrow BWI’s actors are coming for the official first read through as a decided cast. I’ve had so much fun experiencing the process and look forward to tomorrow. Not only are these individual talented, but they are downright stellar people. After a few weeks of practicing, our videographer will be flying in from Ohio and I get to experience a new part of the process! I’ll keep you updated with the project!

I talked to a fellow acting friend and we are getting lunch soon. He is setting me up with a fantastic photographer to shoot new headshots. I don’t’ know if you’ve ever had headshots, but talk about a great time. The day of the shoot is all about YOU! You get to look your best and feel like a star. The truth is, great headshots boost a career indefinitely.

That is all then, but here is to now. Goodnight my friends, take care!

Nick James


Butler and Bagman said...

That BWI guy is some friend! I can't ever remember saying, "Things aren't working out," to anyone and the response being a good job offer! I've been doing it all wrong with resumes and stuff. Good luck with the greeting card line.

Natalie said...

I have no probs with ranting at all.

Life is funny isn't it? Just when you thought it was going one way - Bam! Good Luck Nick.xx

Anonymous said...

Way to Go Nick! The greeting cards sound incredible!
A new job.... lots and lots of hope!!!! You know not only your roomates, but WE ( i feel I am speaking collectely) believe in you too!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Fantastic blog you have going here Onward Bound!!
A shiney new crockpot you say? I love a good crockpot. Makes a mean potroast. I wonder if you call it a crock roast if you cook it in the crock pot? I'm just sayin......
If you have a minute or two of your time to waste, please mosey on over to my blg for a little visit :)
Take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Anonymous said...

Hey Nick..sorry I freaked you out with my last post. Note to more stories of terror in the skies!
BWI is a good friend!
Glad to see you writing about food again (always my fave subject!)
NOT a fan of American Idol. I only watch the last couple of episodes to see who wins. I HATE all of the drama leading up to the finale!
Take care.

Pavitra said...

I would hate to see you give up. You have to remember, there are a lot of people trying to make it out there. Because of that reason it may take a little longer for you to get your first shot, but you will get it.
First mistake people make (including myself) is put doubt in their hard work.

You know what you want. Keep your eye on the prize! You will make it BIG.

Snowbrush said...

"I can now make so many more recipes and feed my roommates more economically."

Why was it that out of your whole post, this was the sentence that stuck with me?! I do all the cooking here, but never have I enjoyed it--except for baking, that is. You must be supremely treasured by your roommates but, if not, you can always move to Oregon.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you have those kind of friends surrounding you there in L.A.

Hope the headshot go fab! Enjoy it, it for you!!!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Here's a good crock pot site

Are you going to share your head shots?

Anonymous said...

I am a crockpot junkee. I swear I would starve to death without it. I am so glad you are going to stick it out for awhile longer. You are amazing and you really can make it happen.

Terri T said...

I'm glad your sticking it out...nothing good ever comes the easy way (at least not for me it doesn't)!!!

~Sheila~ said...

..."Apparently my run here is followed by several people who want me to stay and believe I can make something of it. If that conversation wasn’t a kick in the butt, I don’t know what is!"...

I think you should always do what you think is best. But I do notice that you DID just get there and unless you are living on your last time and losing more than you are wasting..I think you should continue to persue..

..whatever you wish to persue.

P.S. Come by..guess what I found.

Ace C said...

Sounds like you are on the right track man.

The Teenage Years said...

Hi Nick this is Dominique and I also write and sing
I am going to start a band where I am going to write the lyrics and be the lead singer,
and maybe convince my parents to build a garage,
so I can get my band to practice in it

stop by

T.J. Seale said...

You are immensely lucky to have a friend that is that up front to you and knows what to say to keep it real. You make only a hand-full of true friends in a life-time, I daresay he is one of them.

Good luck with you greeting card writing; I bet that is fun. do you do art for them as well?

Andy said...

Sheila told me to come here, so I did, because I trust her opinion, and so she doesn't yell... Nice blog, dude.

I think Idol should keep dropping the age limit until it's like Star Search and little kids perform. And then have Simon make them cry.

The lady in Red said...

Dear Nick, you have a very good friend. Congratulations! Friends are everything we have in life. As far as I remember, Socrates in Banquet wrote that friendship was more important than love. Anyway, what is love without friendship?

Carry on writing your cards and tell us your feedback,

Best wishes,