Friday, January 9, 2009

You shook me all night long.

I forgot to say this earlier, but a great coincidence happened yesterday. Within fifteen minutes of my arrival to the apartment, an earthquake struck California. While AC/DC lyrics rang through my head, I couldn't help but chuckle. Perhaps it is the symbol to the earth moving experience I am going to have, or just the shaky times ahead; either or, I laughed.

I just remembered today how excited I am to start working out again. As I wait for a box full of my running clothes, I will utilize the wardrobe I have. I think there is no better time to pursue health than right now. I find such a release in running. When I am running my legs do all the work, giving my mind a rest. I guess I am still wary about everything because I know that the honeymoon must end.
Tonight, I sit here with good friends. Watching hometown sports, checking out photos, writing freely, and sharing good drinks is the perfect end to an intense day in the city. At the end of the day, dreams and goals aside, all we have is the ability to laugh; not just laugh, but share laughter. The true mark of heroism is sharing what one has with good friends. We may not all have a lot, but we all have a lot to offer. Whether it is a place to stay or a smile to spare- we all have something share. I hope that everyone remembers and lives that. Sharing doesn’t require material things, share love and happiness. The world will be a great place for everyone if we just offer more than we take.

Enjoy the peaceful scenery found in downtown Los Angeles.

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