Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maintenance man.

Everyday something breaks in someones life. A plate, a car, an air conditioner, or, most tragically, a friendship. Sometimes while living in the moment, situations arise that put friendships to the test. Sometimes, the friendship suffers terribly. Just as we hire maintenance people to fix our broken things, we need to fix our friendships. There is nothing better than the feeling you get after gaining someone back in your life. Perhaps it is so rewarding, because it usually takes such a long time to get back. I am now a maintenance man, and am working very hard to fix friendships that have broken. In times of distance, there is nothing more solid than positive relationships.

I began my day with a terrific run, as I usually do. I ate healthily, as I usually try to do. I can't describe it, but being healthy is one of the other most rewarding feelings ever. I often get criticized by my roommates and others for my obsession with eating healthy, but I am wise enough to know when things get carried away. I don't work out and eat healthily to lose weight, I do it because under all the fat are organs that need to be treated well. Just like the friendships I mentioned above, our bodies need to be maintained. Today I was told the story about someones father who died suddenly of a heart attack. For privacy reasons, I won't go into many details, but that is a huge eye opener. I feel that I need to learn all I can about health and implement strategies to protecting my life.

With that in mind, I will pick vitality as today's word. In our friendships and health, we should work on vitality.

As I promised my roommate, I want to mention him in this post. Bryan and I are becoming pretty good friends, at least by my standard. He has allowed me to enter the situation I am in and helps me along the way. He shows me around the town, explaining all of the in's and out's of the city. He is honest with me, and I appreciate honesty more than anything. So as I promised, thank you Bryan for all of your help.

My sister, who is the reason I began blogging, posted a terrific post today. Its general idea was about respecting others by not making fun of them. She also mentioned how ugly it is to find satisfaction in others misfortunes. Being that my sister put it so perfectly, I will not elaborate. Rather, I will refer you a blog that offers so many wonderful insights.

Firing up the canon.

Last night while going to dinner, I saw this church. I enjoyed the view so much, that I pulled over and took a picture of it. Recently, a friend of mine realized that he wants religion in his life. This got me thinking about my beliefs. I consider myself sort of religious. I pray constantly, I believe in God, I put my faith in him, but I don't preach. I can't look you in the eye and say I go to church every Sunday, or often at all. Pretty much, I just encourage everybody to believe in something. Whether it be religious at all, believe in something. Have the humility to put your faith in something other than yourself. Too often we lose sight of who we are, and in those times we need something to turn to. That is the extent of my preaching. Here is the picture of the church.

I symbolized enough in my last paragraph.

As I spend the evening alone for the first time in awhile, I am enjoying the relaxation. Saturday is fast approaching, and my hopes are high. I want to land the dancing gig very much. I'm in the gym all morning, I am working on dance, I am staying positive- all things I consider proper preparation. Wish me luck! I would love to know what exciting endeavors everyone has coming up in their lives! Blogs are great for opening communication. Feel free to share your future plans!


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Pavitra said...

There is so much needed inspiration coming my way lately. Your blog "maintenance man" is one of them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha! had a bit too much of the drink! I believe in you master Nick. If I become a wealthy man I will most certainly remember you and your wise words.

We at the M.IV support you! I salute you sir.

Ever Yours,
Clayrn Darrow

Kristin said...

Love the banner!
I'm going to have to agree with you, this is my fave post so far.
Once again... you are so good with a camera phone, I wish mine turned out like that!
I'm glad that your roommates are opening up to you and you're starting some new friendships.
I wish I had the same opinion on eating healthy that you do.