Sunday, January 25, 2009

The process.

I talk about it frequently, but sharing is one of the best parts of being alive. I've said before that we don't all have many things to share, but we all have something. I was excited to share a meal with my friends tonight. I will continue, everyday, to share anything I can. A smile to a stranger, a meal to a friend, a shoulder to someone hurt, or an ear to someone who needs to be listened to. All we have is the ability to help others. One crucial way to help is to share. I hope that in your times of triumph, you find it in your heart to share something.

Today's word is going to be unconscionable. If we are unconscionable, we supersede our ability to share.

As my life keeps progressing out here, I find the demand for money greater than ever. I need grocery, rent, gas, and living money. While I am proud to earn money, I hate money. I am completely happy with how everything in my life is going. There aren't many things that cause me to be stressed or unhappy, until I view my bank account. My bank account doesn't make me unhappy because of how empty it is, or because I don't have everything I want- it makes me unhappy because it determines so much. Nonetheless, I smile everyday, as I am the happiest I have ever been. The key to this idea is that I don't need material things to be happy. While I appreciate looking nice and using nice things, I find that I smile bigger when doing something deeper than luxury. When I post to 'Onward Bound', when I run, when I sing, when I dance, when I pursue life's simple gifts I am my happiest. This doesn't mean I will discontinue working hard, because I still would love nice things, but I won't be so distraught along the way. I will find contentment with life's finer things, but I will find happiness in that in which I cannot take with me when I leave my life behind.

The difference between this move from my last is really a great one. Despite the obvious differences, I find that I am keeping in touch with people much more efficiently. I thought this was because my phone is much nicer now, but I realized what it really is: I appreciate the value of a person so much more than I once did. I opened my eyes to the fact that, although I appreciate many things I do, I cannot cover all the bases of life. I am genuinely excited to learn from each person I come into contact with. I have learned crucial lessons from relationships with people from 5 to 90. Whether it is my little cousin proving to me that age is just a number, or my great grandmother teaching me the importance of fulfilling responsibility with my utmost conviction, I have learned such a variety of ideals. I could not even fathom what I wouldn't know if it weren't for my paying attention to what others say. In every encounter, make a point to genuinely listen.

As an entertainer, I am constantly tuned into what sparks people's emotions. Being that I like to encourage smiles, I have focused extremely hard on what makes the people I know laugh. More than ever, I am working on being versatile in communication. I want to understand what each person I know enjoys, and be able to fulfill this emotion no matter who I am talking to. Today I made a family member laugh that I generally can't; I took this as proof that my focus is effective.

As individuals, we all have our own opinions as to what a good experience entails. For some a quiet evening in is the best, and for others a wild night on the town will suffice. Whatever the ingredient to a good experience is, we all have the right to enjoy the taste of our own happiness. I choose to spend my day 'cooking' positive and new experiences. While I enjoy making myself happy, I love to share happiness with others. Two very important people in my life are my two roommates. Tonight, being that we are all away from our families, I wanted us to enjoy a home-cooked meal; something other than frozen chicken breast and cheese. I find that there is nothing more comforting than food. I wanted us all to feel a bit of comfort tonight, as we continue to build our lives in Los Angeles. As I sit here writing this, I am digesting what I consider a very delicious meal. I'm happy that me and my friends are well fed and happy. Tonight on the menu:


Goat cheese melted on top of baked tomatoes, zucchini and garlic served on lightly toasted Italian bread.

A tall glass of red wine mixed with ginger ale
Main Meal

Breaded, boneless pork-chops served with mashed potatoes and a delicious vegetable medley (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots).

Vanilla ice cream served on top of warm apple pie.

Looks great, eh? I am proud to the creator of this delicious meal.

As I promised you and myself, I was going to take some new pictures and share! Today's activity got past me, so I created one last minute. I chose today to photograph my cooking adventures. The above pictures were the final product, but the process was just as great! With all things in life, the beauty isn't the outcome, but the process. Enjoy these pictures from cooking dinner tonight!

As today becomes darker by the minute, I am going to enjoy a movie night with my well fed roommates. I hope that you all find comfort and passion in the days to come!

Moving onward,
Nick James.


Vitamin B-Lardo said...

whoa boyeeee. I'm impressed. when you come back cook for me. wowie.

Queen Mama Mia said...

Your meal looks good enough for a King or maybe a Queen! lol How long did it take you to prepare that gourmet meal? Nick, you never cease to amaze me. Who did the dishes? What will you name your restaurant?

Antonio MiniƱo/Kampfire PR and Marketing said...

Looks amazing!