Sunday, January 4, 2009

The night before.

Inspired by an inspirational individual, I created this blog. As we both strive towards a year of action, I find comfort in her belief in me. Along with her belief in me, I believe in myself. I believe that I was born to dream and will never live the dream if I don't pursue my happiness. As the butterflies in my stomach flutter about while my mind ponders what my future will hold, I know I am doing a great thing. As 2009 has a profound new beginning in my life, I will work very hard to make it the year of all years. As with ever year, I set goals in hopes to produce a solid effort of being all that I can be. This year, being the year of action, I set the following goals for myself:

  • Don't be a victim. I will work hard on being less sensitive, less cold shouldered and less dramatic. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
  • Run and exercise as much as possible. Eat healthily. EAT! Be body conscious in a healthier way.
  • Go green. I want to recycle and use more Eco-friendly products.
  • Take positive steps towards my goals. I want to realistically and logically pursue entertainment.
  • Laugh everyday. Get back to being the positive individual I once was.
  • Staring here, I want to write more. I want to expand my passion for writing.

With all of these goals set for me, I know 2009 will be a year of advancement. I look forward to continuing bonds with people and to meeting new people to bond with. In the city of angels, I will build new experiences; I will gain wisdom; I will be challenged and will overcome challenges; I will be all that I can be.

I will be updating this with exciting news and photos of my journey. Thank you everyone for helping me build experience and life.


JamiKinton said...

You can and you WILL be able to do all these things and more Nick. =) I am so proud of you and what you're about to do. You're awesome! And I'm very proud to be your friend. =) Love you!

Jamie Belardo said...

I love it. I will read every post. Keep writing.

Kaitlin said...

Two things that I enjoy most:

1. be body conscious in a healthier way!!!
2. go green :)

I miss you, but everything will fall right in to place for you. It all seems to fit perfectly.

You are where you truly want to be! It's a good feeling to to see you at your happiest again. :)

Thanks for the motivation and inspiration.

Kaitlin Kelly said...

You are a Star, Nick! :)