Thursday, January 15, 2009

Memories last. Memories last.

I find it funny that people make things so obvious. Everyone has their heart on their sleeves. The difference is that some wave their arms around less than others. Regardless the obviousness of this, everyone is guilty as charged. I find that sometimes, even when I am completely aware of what someone is saying (think subtext), I walk into hollow conversations over and over. I don't know if it is because I find something I like in the person, or I just like a challenge, but I find myself in this situation a lot. I think it is these relationships that help highlight the genuine encounters I share with other people. I really enjoy learning from everyone. From coast to coast, I am learning that everyone has at least one thing to teach you. I love building experience with people, because there is something to learn.

With that being said, I think that human correspondence is a lot like memory foam. Everyone makes an imprint of some sort on another person. Sometimes this imprint is deeply rooted, sometimes it is shallow- all of the time though, it is an imprint. Memories last; a noteworthy point. Memories last. Memories last. Memories last. Be conscious of the memories you leave with people. I may never tell you that I know that our relationship is hollow, but I will remember it. Memories last. I try very hard to genuinely talk to other people. I listen; I care; I try to help. All we have in life is the ability to share. A smile, a hand, a shoulder, anything. If we forfeit this ability, we lose everything. It's not what you take with you, but it is what you leave behind.

I feel that my words are my way of leaving something behind. I want to be remembered as the person who cared. I want to make a difference in someones life: Big or small.

If I am going to live, I want to live large. I want to enhance my life as much as possible. I want to try things that scare me and that I may never be able to try again. From a distance (say 3000 miles) it becomes very clear what I am able to do now. I encourage everyone to do something that they have wanted to do. It is the most rewarding thing ever, regardless the outcome. Something bigger than material things is the ability to be proud of yourself. I am proud of myself.

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