Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skip in my step.

Today there was an extra skip in my step. I don't know if I rolled off the right side of the air mattress this morning, or what, but I enjoyed it. I woke up with the inspiration to get things done. I cleaned, I worked, I ran three miles, and I am still ready to move forward. I love many things about human nature, such as our ability to step up when times are trying. Right when allowed myself to have a decrease in energy, I inspired myself to stay positive. The end result: An extra skip in my step.
There is something about being someones "go to" person that really satisfies me. I don't know if it the power of being sensible enough to someone to help, or the fact that I am trusted, but I enjoy it.
Today's word is going to be qualitative. It means based on qualities. I chose this word, because I realized that when determining my attraction to someone, I choose to go for qualities I like in them, rather than a single idea. One of my favorite qualities is ambition. Being that I am such a fast paced person, I need someone who can keep up with my aspirations. In a nutshell, determine your respect for someone in terms of what things you like about them, rather than what you perceive them as. It is okay to like certain things about a person and dislike others, it is all about honing in on the good things.
My friend and I were talking about running today and she described it pretty perfectly. Running is a great escape. Either from whomever is running behind you (lame crack) or whatever is on your mind. Today I ran and I guess it helped induce the skip in my step.
As I approach dinner time, I have a big smile on my face. I will take the advice of a friend and not try to define why I am in a good mood. I will just embrace it and enjoy it. While I enjoy my good mood, you can enjoy this photo I took last night in the city.

Of course I have to describe what I see in this picture. I see light shining through darkness, just as we all can shine through dark times. Let the light represent positivity. I am going to work on shining light on any situation that I go through.

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Anonymous said...

That's the spirit. You must endure all hardship--there is nothing more fierce than a man who smiles after a blow. You must never, never, never fall to ennui! Excellent post Nick.