Saturday, January 10, 2009

Be kind.

Enjoy these photos taken in Santa Monica. The place is fantastic. Today's lesson learned was "If you can't be kind; be vague." I believe that you can find uncommon things (such as a good motto) in the strangest of places. The motto mentioned above was learned from a Hooter's. You can now go to Hooter's for their "hot wings" and philosophy.

Tomorrow will be a hard day of work. With so much to get done, the vacation has to end. I'm starting to realize how fast this city can make me tired. I'm still excited to see where the trail will lead. I am having a blast checking out the different sites and sharing them with you. I continue to be amazed at how different each area in LA is. A simple turn left can take you into an entirely different place.

I've learned, just from the past 3 days, that in order to expand expereince you have to take the time to go. I feel absolutely blessed to be enjoying this opportunity. The power of reality is unbelievable when you create it yourself. I will continue to make this dream a reality.

As I am getting ready to say bye to a friend, I feel the hurt of being away from the ones I love at home. I am happy to know that they support me and believe in me. I miss them, but know that I am doing something great, somewhere else.

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Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Keep taking photos! I'm loving every one of them.