Friday, January 9, 2009

In perfect harmony.

I believe that the entity to human satisfaction is having a dream. I think the driving force that keeps satisfaction vital is inspiration. The two go together in perfect harmony. In the situation I am in, I find it absolutely neccessary to keep myself inspired. Although I have only been in Los Angeles for one day, I feel like I've seen a lot.
Thanks to a good friend of mine, I got to see the venues in the LA LIVE district where many bands play, all the award shows are, and where the American Idol finale takes place. Not only did I get to see thse stages, but I got to stand on them. It took standing on those stages for me to really remember what I want out of life. My dreams never went anywhere, but inspiration did. Standing on those stages and picturing myself performing on them helped to boost my confidence. I have a reason to be here. The pictures on this post are the views from the two stages to the audience. Breathtaking, I know. For someone like me, this means the world.

I will take this as a sign of good things to come. Afterall, any sort of experience is a good thing.

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