Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy with myself.

It feels good to be back in health. I ran today,finally, after four days. I enjoyed sweating for reasons other than a 102 degree fever. Anyway, today was a good day. Ian and I made it our mission to eat somewhere unique to LA. Naturally we ended up at a Mexican joint that I couldn't pronounce, but the food was extremely good, or muy bueno. When Ian and I got back to the apartment we realized something that makes me feel pretty stupid; I lost the key to our apartment. Now, I am generally pretty organized- I don't lose things. After searching the apartment high and low it was very clear that the key, indeed, IS lost. I hope it doesn't cost too much money to replace, because this next story isn't so easily solved.

Being that today is the first day I feel healthy, I wanted to spend it down by the pool. I tied my bathing suit strings and headed down to the pool (see picture in earlier post) and soaked up the sun. As the sunset and I began to cool off, I thought "what better time to enjoy the hot tub." After an incredibly HOT 10 minutes I decided to head back up to the apartment. Without thinking I yanked my towel towards me, only tossing my cell phone right into the hot tub at the same tame. Now, I know this sounds completely reckless, but it was an honest mistake. With the key and the phone on my list of stupid things, I am starting to believe that I am losing part of my mind. I was happy with myself though, instead of having a complete breakdown, I stayed positive and am logically figuring out what to do. I looked it up and it will cost me $300.00 to replace, YIKES! As I work on "plan B" don't expect too many pictures in my upcoming posts.

With this new streak of bad luck and my slight home sickness, I've found comfort in something that totally neglects my health consciousness. I have completely found satisfaction in milkshakes. I will stop resorting to dairy products to make myself feel better, but it has been nice indulging (I'll continue to blame my flu).

As I sit here after a good run, I will make way to the shower. I will end tonight with a bag of baby carrots and a good movie; back to my old ways. If you are a reader who normally calls me, don't, my phone is extremely relaxed after an afternoon in the jacuzzi. Now, I wish I was resting as much as my phone is, however, that is not the case. Feel free to e-mail me.


Anonymous said...

You take good care of yourself Mr.James! What is it that you wish to do? Is it acting? You seem like the type of person celebrities would confide in, as not to loose their sensitive minds! Very calm chap; Bravo. You should stop by my spot I've made a bunch of new friends!

Clayrn Darrow.

Queen Mama Mia said...

This will not cheer you up! But try to cheer up because things will get worse as you become an older muture adult, along with your memory!
We had a heat wave today 38 degrees and we can see the driveway. But what to do with the 7 & 8 feet mountains of snow? Spring thaw should be very interesting, to say the least. Feel lucky your in a beautiful climate where you can go into the hot tub and loose your cell phone. Gool luck!

Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Oh boyeeee. I'm sorry to hear that your phone ended up taking a soak. did you put it into a bag of rice?

Let me know what you are going to do about getting a new one. Hmm. there has to be some way.

Love you. Keep your chin up. At least you were able to soak in a hot tub today and go for a run outdoors. There are definitely positives.