Friday, January 30, 2009

A chocolate milkshake.

Today was a pretty great day. It started off with an old friend and a new friend: The Bev's. Lucky for me, the Bev's went out of their way to meet me for breakfast this morning. It was a great boost of positive energy and good fun. I was feeling better this morning, and they only helped...not to mention the all you can eat pancakes! Mmm. I enjoy their spirit and hunger for life.

On my walk home today I took a different route home. I saw the Los Angeles Public Library and all of its landscaping. I was in awe, because it seemed as though the world was separate from everything else in LA. Here are the photos.

I'm a grouch today. I'm happy, but a grouch. I want a chocolate milkshake, an old friend (who has been an awful friend), and my parents.


Queen Mama Mia said...

The Bev's called just before they got over the border of California to Mexico and said they had a very nice breakfast with you and were impressed with your enthusiasam. Keep it going!

Queen Mama Mia said...

Love your pictures of the beautiful city of Los Angeles. When Iived there many moons ago, I never experienced the beauty. The weather looks gorgeous.