Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting there.

Sometimes, no matter how bright the city lights shine, it is very dark here. Today being the only day that I haven't been on the go, I've had a lot of time to work and think. Turns out that I am way more scared than I thought. I can have all the fun in the world, but that doesn't hide the demands I have to meet. I need a place, a car, and a purpose. I continue to be more tired, but continue to sleep less sound. I'm going to stay positive and all, but the stress is on.

Tomorrow will be a great day. It is my first day with purpose and a place to go. It is my first night out with new friends. Ian and I joke about how sentimental I am about everything. My life is a game and I am my cheerleader. I think that is the point of my happiness though. I can find sentiments in my first time vaccuming in Los Angeles, my first drive through the city, or my first groceries bought...whatever it is, I find it exciting. Perhaps I am able to take risks, because I can find happiness in simplicity. While many people focus on the big picture, I can appreciate its bits and pieces. It is a slower process, but it gets me to the same place. So to wherever that place is, I will keep working on getting there. Not so much getting there, but enjoying the ride.

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Kristin said...

number one - nice picture
number two - don't be scared! you have a great family and friends to help you through anything. i know you, you are able to prevail and succeed in any situation. i am always here to listen and give advice (even though i am kinda lacking in the advice department)
and three - don't worry, be happy :-)... i know that's a really corny way to end a comment, but whatev