Monday, February 1, 2010

Look up and see the sky.

We live in a world run by a society that I just cannot seem to understand. A man can’t be looked at without being assigned a definition based on what he looks like. A child may never get a chance because their parent couldn’t follow through. A woman cannot love another woman with the support of her fellow human. In one world, we are all so divided; and that I cannot understand.

Call me a dreamer, but I live my life with the idea that we all have the opportunity to seek what makes up happy. If a child wants to grow up and be the greatest basketball player ever, than they can or at least they can try. If a black man wants to be the president of a wonderful nation, than he can. If a man wants to express his love to another man, than he can, just like any other two people can. This is how I live my life and this is how I will teach my children to live theirs.

Many things are difficult to obtain in life; many things are becoming even more difficult to obtain. If money grew on trees, than there is a drought. If love was in the air, than the air supply is demolishing. If someone stumbles across happiness, than by God they deserve it.

Today I was walking down the street in an area where I may have been the only person who knew English well enough to live by it. My mind was crowded so I set out to relieve stress and get some fresh air. I was walking at such a pace my heart began pounding through my chest like a kick drum. My pace grew more intent with my thoughts and all of a sudden a woman caught my eye and smiled at me. As if all of the commotion in my mind hit a wall, I smiled back and, I kid you not, felt as though I could breathe for the first time today.

This changed the avenue that my thought process was taking completely. In an area where poverty is as apparent as traffic in a city, happiness is still available; and that woman and her smile showed me that directly. I started smiling at folks as we passed one another, and sure enough they smiled back. For the first time I noticed something that applies to everyone, not just me in this specific situation.

We all speak different languages in one way or another. Different things make different people happy. We all see the world around us with different perspectives and ideas. We all speak different languages.

No matter how I see things, I will never allow myself to deprive anyone from happiness, because it may be all they have. I will never ask a dog to stop wagging their tale, or ask a happy child to quiet their laughter, I’ll never let a smile go without a return and I will never tell someone their happiness isn’t okay. No matter what language I speak, my smile is universal and I will live by that. No matter how different I am from anyone around me, we both look up and see the sky. I will let that sky be the only limit we have.

I want this world to be a happy place, full of opportunities for everyone, equally.


Queenet said...

Amazing Nick. Keep writing your giving me inspiration. My next chapter in my book is going to be
"Three Sisters On The Rhine plus One!" Love U, A. E.

Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Yay. You are back to writing. I like this post...keep writing...write enough for both of us. I'm so happy to spend a little time in the morning on your words. And by golly. You are right...everyone is entitled to their own happiness. I stand by that too. You'll never understand completely what it is like to be in someone else's shoes...and the good news is that you don't have to wear them. Just respect the way they do.

jlax19 said...

You might dream, but the reality is that as you wake with out action there is no change. In this world there is no peace, there is no justice, there is, freedom. We are not limited by our selfs, or by others, or by government, but by all of this and more. This will not change, so the dream will not change unless there is action. Who cares about love, or finding love, or making love, because seldom do we know love. How many of us make love, or is lust that we are after? Keep dreaming, but you will never escape the reality of this world. Keep dreaming and spreading dreams, but that will never changes social justice or actions! Only actions and a call for action and duty can change lives.

joven said...

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