Saturday, November 7, 2009

A pebble, or a rock.

Compassion. There isn't much I can write that would truly satisfy my interest in this word and its meaning. If you have compassion in everything you do, you will find no trouble in helping others. My father tells me on many occasions..."Nick, its all about the little things we can do that help." The little things add up, and though they may pale in comparison towards what others can accomplish...realize that noone is comparing. Whether you throw a pebble, or a rock...your efforts will be realized.

I am very interested in starting a non-profit, do any of OB's readers know anything about how to begin this journey?


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Breeze said...

Well therein lies the mystery of how you turned out so amazing...your father sounds very wise! And he's right.

Starting a non-profit? I think you would go through a business licencing office and then you would have to familiarize yourself with the regularions of can't carry a profit obviously but you can have funds set for certain things.

What sort of non-profit would you like to start? What a great purpose to have. I've thought of it myself but may settle for just volunteering on the board of an existing one.