Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dear Soldier.

Dear Soldier,
You dedicated your life in order to make my life simple. You spend your time in fear all so I can feel safe when I sleep at night. You raise your gun so that I can experience peace in my days. You stand united so this country can strive.

You made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that this nation can prosper as a land of opportunity and happiness. You did that. You did that for all of us; your family, friends and millions of complete strangers. I speak for many others when I say, I appreciate your service and will never forgot, or look beyond what you do. Whether you have served, are serving or will serve, you are the reason America stands.

In the time to come, I send my prayers and best of intentions. I will work extremely hard to be the best person I can be, because you make the mold of humanity. You serve with compassion, passion and dedication and for that I respect you entirely.

Thank you again.


Snowbrush said...

Of course, the downside of soldiery is that unscrupulous politicians (whose own children never care to join the military) are free to waste your life in a war that does no good for anyone except for the corporations that make money off it.

pink_suspenders said...

Thank you for this post. My bf is in the military and has been deployed three timed. It's refreshing to find such an understanding about the role of a soldier in todays world, most ppl would choose to condemn them for being in the military when truth is, the wars happen coz of others' wants, not the soldiers.

Thank you, your post touched my heart.