Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Technology, without a doubt, is the reason the world is as advanced as it is. However, with all of the leaps technology has allowed us to take, I fear that the fall is equally significant.

The other day at work, while on my break, I saw something that truly broke my heart. A mother and her daughter were out to lunch together. You can see the spark in the daughters eye as to how excited she was to be sharing the afternoon with her mother. I kept observing their interaction, and I couldn't help but feel confused as the mother's mouth would move out of sync with the daughters mouth. Also, the mother never made eye contact, which really confused me. Upon looking closer I noticed that the mother was on the phone, on her blue tooth, just chatting away as her daughter sat there and stared over her mother's shoulder. I watched and watched, for about 20 minutes and noticed that the mother never got off of the phone. I couldn't help but feel sorry for the daughter and feel that the mother was, sorry to say, stupid. You can tell right away that the mother was one of those mothers who would rather feel young and fit into society, than accept that her daughter, who will grow up much to fast, could really be a good conversation. This ignorant, neglectful mother annoyed me so much that I had to shift my view just to enjoy the rest of my lunch.

My eyes instantly locked onto another table. There were four people, about my age, sitting there with big plates of food in front of them. I instantly drifted back to memories of my friends and I and my head was filled with great conversations and many laughs. Upon gaining focus again, I saw everyone, and I mean each and every person, sitting at the table glued to their smart phones. It was as though they weren't even aware that they were together.

As though what I have witnessed was not enough already, I counted numerous people hiding behind their laptop screens, cell phones and who knows what else.

I couldn't help but feel that we are slowly getting into a place where socialization is losing any importance. I think that we rely on technology so much that the glory we get from it supersedes that of true human interaction.

I read a quote from an American business woman, Mary Kate Ash.

"Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, 'Make me feel important.'"

This quote warmed my heart, because before even reading it, I've lived my life by that motto. If that mother realized how important her daughter was and the times they shared, she would have hung her phone right up. If that group of friends knew how rare those times they share now can become, they would have switched focus immediately. If the entire world payed attention to how important each and every one of us are, than we would live in a more loving society.

Each person I meet, I genuinely try to get to know. If it is one or two facts that I remember, the person will atleast know that I cared enough to pay attention to what they said.

Don't let technology and the ways of the world distract you from the moments that matter. Without moments, all we have is nothing.

Cherish the times that you may not have ever again. Keep in touch, stay connected and don't let the world become such a distant reality for all of us.


Lisa said...

hey Nick, I totally love the sign around the neck idea and about technology- thats what my 16 year old son is for xx

Queenet said...

Nickie, you are such a true people person, always making sure they are the most important thing to you at any given time. I totally agree with the lack of communication that has happened with our newfound technology. It is almost non-existant. Let's make signs for everyone! Welcome back. Love, A. Elaine

Vitamin B-Lardo said...

Another Tear Jerker. I've been so guilty of this at times, but I've been working on it.

This is a reminder you shouldn't be afraid of posting twice.

The Funny one said...

There should be some rule or guideline or something telling people not to take technology outside. Leave the phones, handhelds and laptops back home to charge and enjoy the sunshine or the rain without having to stare at pixels or listen to voices from all distances. There needs to be boundaries somewhere.

Special cases do apply; in an emergency it's good to have technology on your side, a phone on your person, just in case of fire or an accident of some sort. (Plus if you're late for some event it's good to call from wherever you are to let other people know you're okay.)

Make other people feel important. That is so deep. I love it!
I'd hate it if I was in your position and observing the mother and daughter moment not able to do anything about it. I vow that when/if I have children I won't let modern technology come between us.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I see this more and more too. My daughter will text me from the other room to ask me to do something from her :O)

It's really annoying when you are trying to visit someone and they are more into whoever is on the phone. My brother does that to me a lot. I feel like saying "am I not important?"