Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mr. Plant and the Sun.

I sat in the garden this morning and talked to the plants. The sun joined us and it was just warm enough that the surface of my skin tingled in its presence. It was the first time I've talked to a plant, but I did so relentlessly and I let out a lot my thoughts. I said, "Mr. Plant, when does life ever make sense?" He danced in the wind and, although it sounds strange, I saw him smile at me as if to say "Life will never make sense. Just keep growing from the worlds resources, and one day you'll be tall enough and strong enough to withstand the wind."

The sun continued to get closer and I knew for a moment that the world that Mr. Plant was talking about was taking me in and offering me warmth.

I continued on and said "Mr. Plant, how come I'm not feeling happy lately?" Mr. Plant used the wind and bumped into the plant next to him. I got it, I thought. He was telling me that we each stand in our own pot, or on our own plot. We must grow, regardless of how those around us are. Enjoy flourishing together, but don't depend on those around you to flourish. In other words, Mr. Plant was telling me to realize that I need to do what I need to do to be happy, and that anyone who is happy for that can join the rise up.

I closed my eyes and thought for awhile. The wind whispered to me "It'll be okay, just move as I do and land on your feet as best as you can" The sun continued to hold onto me and recited a song...."It may be cold somewhere, but its warm right here. I'll shine for you, don't be scared." I joined Mr. Plant as he danced to the song of the sun and I sighed. Mr Plant took rainy days and used them as an opportunity to grow. I shall do the same. I will take what the wind blows, and I will work it out to benefit myself. I will be happy in my own pot and grow the way I want to grow.

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